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Farebury Region refers to the land surrounding the town of Farebury, the Waterfall Cave and an Untrodden Grove in Dragon Quest VIII.


The small town of Farebury is the home of Master Rylus, the teacher of Dhoulmagus, and that is what brings the party here. But when they arrive, they are stunned to

The map of Farebury

find out that Rylus was killed in a house-fire.

The party is forced to leave when the townsfolk chase them away because of Trode, but Valentina, the daughter of the towns failed fortune teller, Kalderasha, stops them at the gate and asks for their help. She asks them to find the crystal ball that belonged to her father. It turns out Kalderasha threw the cystal ball into the Waterfall Cave.

Waterfall Cave[edit]

The tall peak south of Farebury. This is where the party goes to find the crystal ball of the great fortune teller Kalderasha. After trailing far through the cave, they eventually come to the crystal ball in the waterfall... and Geyzer, the waterfall's crazed guardian.

After acquiring the crystal ball from the waterfall, the party returned to town and gave it to Kalderasha. He then told them the story of why he got rid of it and directed them to Alexandria.

Untrodden Grove[edit]

West of Farebury is a large hill not accessible by land or sabre-cat, but only by flight. On it are two friendly monsters who will not attack you, and a great shrine to the great Seven Sages.

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