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The Capsichum is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series, introduced in Dragon Quest VIII. It is a violent vegetable that consists of an orange and green bell pepper stuck together on a skewer, seemingly jovial despite their impalement. Being native to the Farebury region, they are among the weakest monsters in the game.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Capsichum (くしざしツインズ Kushizashitsuinzu)DQ8-LOGO-ICON.png
Original (PS2)
Sprite HP MP Attack
DQVIII PS2 Capsichum.png 14 4 12
Defense Agility Experience Gold
10 6 3 3
Bestiary no. #006
Family Plant
In-game description A distinctive monster shaped like a pepper. In their culture, two is always better than one, so they stick together with the help of a large skewer.
Spell(s) Sap
Skill(s) None
Location(s) Farebury Region
Item(s) dropped Cypress stick164
Copper sword1256
Evasion Attack Resistance Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance *
064 0% 0% 0%
Fire Breath
Bang Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Crack Resistance *
0% 0% 0% 25%
Ice breath
Strike/Rock Resistance * Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
25% 0% 0% 100%
Whack Resistance * Poison Resistance * Paralysis Resistance * Fuddle Resistance *
15% 15% 0% 100%
Snooze resistance * Dazzle Resistance Fizzle Resistance Ban Dance Resistance
0% 0% 0% 100%
Stun Resistance * Sap Resistance * Army Resistance *
0% 0% 0%
Remake (3DS, Mobile)
Notable Changes

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Family Nature
Rank F
Description Peppery pals proficient at pulverizing passing perpetrators.
Weapons Swords, Spears, Axes, Staves
Traits -
Resistances Vulnerable to Frizz, Sleepproof
Skill Saboteur, Defense Boost
Location Palaish Isle
Breeding chart Capsichum x Capsichum

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

The capsichum is one of six potential starting monsters in this game, along with the Bad egg, Bag o' laughs, Ghost, Komodo, and Platypunk.

Family Nature
Rank F
Weapons Swords, Axes, Spears, Staves
Traits Rabble Rouser, Crafty Blade Blunter
Resistances Vulnerable to Frizz, Immune to Sleep
Skill Saboteur
Location -
Breeding chart Swarmtroop x Komodo
Dracky x Stump chump

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Capsichum (くしざしツインズ Kushizashi tsuinzu) DQM3 Logo.png
Icon Family Max HP* Max MP*
Capsichum DQM3 portrait.png DQM3 nature family icon.png 1,360 440
Max Attack Max Defence Max Agility Max Wisdom
560 480 480 460
Bestiary No. #139
Rank G
In-game description These terrible twins are in fact born already skewered. Always butting heads, they are often witnessed mid-argument
Talents Willing Helper (lv. 1)
Wisdom Booster I (lv. 20)
Antimagic Avoider (lv. 40)
Guaranteed traits Ultra Crafty Spellbinder (lv. 1)
Spiky Skin (lv. 20)
Big Bully (lv. 40)
Large-size exclusive traits Tactical Genius (lv. 1)
Close Scraper (lv. 1)
Insta-Oomph (lv. 60)
Habitat Gradely Grasslands (DQM3 autumn icon.png)
Circle of Indulgence - Lower Echelon (DQM3 autumn icon.png)
Items Medicinal herb (Common)
Seed of agility (Rare)
Synthesis chart DQM3 nature family icon.png X DQM3 material family icon.png
(Either parent must be G-rank.)
Notable synthesis Capsichum X Bambooligan DQM3 portrait.png = Cruelcumber DQM3 portrait.png
Capsichum X Lunatick DQM3 portrait.png = Odd cob DQM3 portrait.png
Capsichum X Monolog DQM3 portrait.png = Leafy larrikin DQM3 portrait.png
Fire Resistance * Water Resistance * Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
0% 50% 50% 50%
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Light Resistance *
-25% 25% 0% 0%
Dark Resistance * Debilitation Resistance* Bedazzlement Resistance * Antimagic Resistance *
0% 0% 0% 0%
MP Absorption Resistance * Confusion Resistance * Sleep Resistance * Paralysis Resistance *
50% 0% 50% 50%
Stun Resistance * Poison Resistance *
-25% 25%
Instant Death Resistance *

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]


If one looks closely at either pepper pair, you can see the one on the right has buckteeth and the one on the left has stubby fangs.

Similar species[edit]