Palaish Isle

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Palaish Isle is one of the seven islands in the Green Bays archipelago in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. It is a Danger Rank D island and the fourth island accessed, after Xeroph Isle. Like most of the other locations, Palaish Isle contains a Scoutpost, where the player can save the game, rest, reorganize the party, etc.

Madame Rummy, owner of the metal menagerie found here inside the castle, will allow the Hero a limited amount of time to enter and fight monsters for extra experience points if a trial is passed.

The second of many shrines is here on Palaish Isle, where the Hawkhart can transform into a Cluboon if brought to the shrine's Nexus. Guarding this sacred place is a dangerous Moosifer. The ability book "The Joy of Evac", which teaches the hero Evac is awarded to him upon its defeat.

The rare phoenix sceptre is located here.




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