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The Komodo is a small, jolly looking bipedal dinosaur found in Dragon Quest IV. It isn't particularly dangerous, only posing a threat when backed up by a pack.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Komodo DQIV Logo.png
Original (NES)
Sprite HP MP Attack Defense Agility Experience Gold
Komodo DQIV NES.gif 32 0 30 33 25 25 39
Bestiary No. 030
Spell(s) None
Skill(s) Desperate attack
Item Dropped Holy lance(1128)
Evasion Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Bang Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Zap Resistance *
132 25% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Whack Resistance * Kamikazee Bracer Resistance Poof Resistance Snooze Resistance Fuddle Resistance Dazzle Resistance Fizzle Resistance
25% 0% 0% 25% 25% 75% 100%
Drain Magic Resistance Sap Resistance *
100% 0%
Remakes (PSX, DS, Mobile)
Sprites Notable Changes
Komodo ds.png None

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  • Komodo refers to the world's largest species of varanids (monitor lizards), which live on the eponymous island of Komodo in Indonesia.