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The Doubtback is a sprawling savannah in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is primarily a flatland divided up by streams running through, and is the third area accessed in the game.

The flats that make up most of the Doubtback hide large underground tunnels and caves which must be traveled in order to get around one of the streams that break the land up into sections. Since the region is locked into night when first visited, it is one of the few areas where the monsters encountered during the day can prove more formidable than those found at night.


The Doubtback is explored by the hero as he tries to search out the passengers that were lost during the Albatross' crash landing. After encountering what appeared to be the ghost of Rex Mayday, the hero would go on to find a small clan of mischievous moles living in the area and comes to the aid of Eugene Poole when the elderly monster expert is being questioned by the moles. This leads him to the Arena the moles dwell in.


The surface of the Doubtback is comprised of three large flat areas and two smaller ones. The first of these plains is cut off from the rest due to the streams running across the region, an obstacle that can only be bypassed by using the underground tunnels. The tunnels are made up of a small section of intersecting passages that lead into a large subterranean pond with other, mostly dead-end tunnels around it. The area immediately after is divided in half by a stream, but can be passed thanks to rocks that stick above the water, with the following section forking in two, one way leading to the arena and the other to a sandy waterfront. Proceeding past the waterfront section will lead on to one that connects to the den of a missing lynx. During the player's first visit to the Doubtback they must speak to a slime at the arena's entrance and then get a letter from a maniacal mole guarding the missing lynx den before being able to get into the arena, with the den not being accessible until daylight and if the player's monsters are strong enough to face it.

The area can experience rain, which causes the rocks leading across the streams to become slippery. Attempting to cross the rocks during the rain may result in the player slipping and falling into the stream, washing ashore elsewhere in the Doubtback. This may or may not be helpful, depending on where the player was headed. The rain will also cause the stream in the waterfront area to swell, diminishing the amount of space that can be traveled and cutting off access to some treasure.

A missing lynx prowls the Doubtback by night, regardless of the weather. Its den can be accessed during the day when it sleeps, though the maniacal mole in front of the entrance may deny access if the player's monsters aren't strong enough. The den can be explored at any time after the missing lynx is defeated or scouted, but will resume being off-limits during the night when the missing lynx returns.