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The Bemusoleum is a region found in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a man-made area in a state of ruin, and is the eighth area accessed in the game.

Many of the rooms are in disrepair, fallen pillars, rubble, and breaks in the floor making relatively small rooms harder to navigate. Many rooms have portions that can only be accessed from other rooms, so it can take just as long to explore the Bemusoleum as other recent locations despite its smaller size.


After winning the Rank A battles in the arena, the Hero is awarded a key from Don Mole that grants him access to the Bemusoleum, the resting place of the Medal of Merit that will enable the hero to challenge Rank S. After disabling the ancient security mechanisms of the area and defeating the Sagittar that was placed as a guard, the Hero encounters the ghosts he has met on the island since exploring the Doubtback, who reveal that they lived on the island long ago and took the forms of the Albatross crew and passengers due to no longer having forms of their own. They tell of how the Medal of Merit was stolen long ago and sealed in the Bemusoleum, but that it is now rightfully the Hero's, before asking that the hero does his part to help resurrect the Divine Battler and help them atone for their sins.


The Bemusoleum is composed of a central area, which includes the entrance and the teleporter room, with west and east sides that can only be accessed from the teleporters. The west side contains an outside room and and inside room, while the east side is three indoor rooms, one containing sarcophagi with another, smaller room that can only be accessed when it is raining. Both sides have aqueducts that will flood during the rain, making the aqueducts impossible to traverse but raising platforms that can be used to get around instead.

The region is locked into daytime during the first visit, and the way to the teleporter room must be opened by pressing two yellow buttons that are located to the sides of the large yellow door that leads into the room. Two red and two blue buttons can also be found elsewhere in the Bemusoleum, with one pair of red and blue buttons being in the west area while another is located in the east area, though it is impossible to push both blue buttons during normal weather while it is impossible to push both red buttons while it is raining. Pressing both red buttons will open a red door in the higher level of the entrance area, while pressing both blue will open a blue door in the lower level of the same area. The red door will close again during rain, while the blue will close during normal weather, though each will open again when the weather suits what was needed to reach the buttons that opened the particular door. Both will never be open at the same time, however. If the player pushes the only available blue button that can be pushed during the first visit, when the weather is normal, it will reset to being unpushed when it is raining, so it is best to ignore the blue buttons until both can be pressed.

A Sagittar is positioned in the teleporter room on the player's first time through the region. While it does not pursue the player, it does bar the way to the Medal of Merit with the help of a force field that will repel the player and prevent them from battling Sagittar, which must be done in order to proceed. The security system that includes the force field also has an alarm system that activates when the player steps onto the floor, putting cyber slimes in the area on alert and making it harder to reach the teleporters without getting into a battle. By pushing all the red buttons in the area and opening the red door, the player can battle an overkilling machine that guards the security system's controls. Defeating it will disable the system, keeping the cyber slimes from patrolling the teleporter room (though they will still pursue if they spot the player) and making it possible to fight Sagittar.

A bug in the game will cause the doors in the Bemusoleum to close again if they visit the replica of the entrance in the Dark World. While the doors can be opened again by pressing their buttons, they will also reopen if the player visits during a weather change in order to trigger the message stating that something can be heard moving.