Arena (Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2)

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The arena is a location in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is, as the name would suggest, an arena that is located underground and maintained by moles and is the fourth area accessed in the game.

Overseen by a group of mischievous and maniacal moles led by Don Mole, the arena is the only other area on the island besides the Albatross that isn't mostly inhabited by aggressive monsters. The battles held here help the hero to progress through the island and test the might of his monsters.


After saving Eugene Poole from a team of moles, the hero meets Don Mole. Recognizing the relic acquired from wormonger, Don Mole decides to start up the arena, indicating that entering in the battles would be to the hero's benefit. Moving up the ranks and gaining access to new areas in the process, the hero, along with Archie Logg, begin to find out more of the island's history and the role the hero has been charged with in saving one known as the Divine Battler.


The arena is made up of only four sections: the entrance, the arena itself, the synthesis research room, and the grand arena reserved for the True Monster Scout Challenge. The main arena connects to all the other rooms, though the grand arena cannot be accessed until after clearing the game and the true challenge is about to start.

Rank matches can be selected by speaking to Don Mole in the main arena, while Marsha, the mud mannequin that first appeared in Treepidation, can be spoken to in the synthesis research room in order to take part in the Monster Scout Proficiency Test.

Due to the arena being located in the Doubtback, the player will move to this area upon exiting the arena instead of being taken to the world map. Zoom can still be used to reach the arena, and can act as an alternate way of entering the Doubtback instead of doing so from the standard entrance.