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Iceolation is a region in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a snow covered mountain range and is the fifth area accessed in the game.

Iceolation tends to shift between winding paths and large expanses, proving to be one of the more time consuming areas in the game to navigate due to its size. It is the largest outside area in the game that does not experience weather changes, a trait normally attributed to inside locations.


The hero comes to Iceolation in search of the Albatross' missing passengers, finding Lily Gilder and helping her in tracking down the Countess, her teeny sanguini. After traversing most of the region while avoiding Baby Bjørn and using it to break down any walls of ice obstructing the way, the hero and Lily manage to catch up to the Countess. The hero is forced to face off against Bjørn before being able to safely leave with Lily and the Countess.


Iceolation is made up of several large rooms, four of which are particularly open in order to provide room for Baby Bjørn to move around in. The area also has a few ledges that the hero must move along sideways in order to get by, as well as icy slides that act as one-way paths to another part of the same area, usually to make backtracking easier. There are two small caves in Iceolation as well.

The area is locked into daylight when first visited by the player, and three of the open rooms contain impassable ice walls. Inspecting a bonfire in the first of these rooms will cause Baby Bjørn to appear and shatter the ice wall, while the remaining two will have piles of firewood that must be lit from bonfires existing elsewhere, which can be found by following the foot tracks of gigantes. Once a torch is obtained from a bonfire it must be brought to the firewood in order to light it and provoke Bjørn into appearing and breaking the nearby ice wall. The torch carried by the player will be put out if they get into three battles, making it important to avoid monster encounters while carrying a torch when attempting to progress through the area for the first time.

Iceolation is the home of Baby Bjørn, and the giant monster will appear in all but the last of the four open rooms, with the fourth acting as the spot where it can be truly fought.