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Unshore is a region found in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a small island of beaches and caves, and is the seventh area accessed in the game.

Like the region before it, Cragravation, Unshore is fairly linear, with none of its rooms having more than two ways out, though the rooms themselves can be very maze-like.


Following the ordeals in Cragravation, the Hero learns from a weakened Rex Mayday about the region he washed ashore in following the turbulence that brought the Albatross down on the island. The Hero travels to the region in order to see if there is any chance of a way off the island there, encountering Lily Gilder's irritable teeny sanguini, the Countess, along the way and having to deal with several tentickles while pursuing her. After a confrontation with Khalamari, Lily Gilder arrives to take the Countess back and the Hero eventually leaves the area as well, unable to find anything that would lead to an escape from the island.


From the map, Unshore appears to be similarly shaped to the symbol for infinity, though the area itself is more of a counterclockwise swirl when being navigated. The area begins outside, leads to a cave, goes outside again, then into another cave that exits into an outside, swampy area that is continued in an additional section that leads into the last cave of the area, where there is access to an underground room. With the exception of the first swamp room and the last, underground room, there are frequent instances of vines that can be climbed to reach higher and lower places.

Unshore is locked into daytime during the first visit, and the player must deal with tentickles, the tentacles of Khalamari, in most of the sections in order to proceed, with the final tentickle not barring the path forward though it must be defeated in order to confront Khalamari for the first time. When Khalamari returns after his first defeat, the location of the tentickles will be randomized upon entering the rooms.