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Cragravation is a region found in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a tall mountain that extends above the clouds and is the sixth area accessed in the game. The area is one of the more linear locations, as it mostly extends upward as it goes, with only a few forks along the way that either combine back with the main path or quickly lead to a dead-end.


After learning about a monster that might be able to help get the Albatross to the Monster Scout Challenge, the hero comes to Cragravation in search of it only to discover that Rex Mayday and Melonie are being pursued by a Jamirus. Melonie gets spirited away to the top of the mountain, where the hero and Captain Mayday confront the jamirus and his father, a Gemon. The monsters are defeated and quickly flee at the sound of Empyrea as she approaches. Though the Godbird is the one spoken of by Don Mole, the hero is unable to get her cooperation in assisting an escape from the island and she flies off. Shortly after, Rex Mayday collapses from a combination of his injuries from the crash landing and the stress he had been put through up to the present point. The hero and Melonie carry him back to the Albatross.


Cragravation is primarily a series of ascending ramps and rocky walls that can be scaled. The halfway point of the climb is a large cave that leads up to the colder portions of the area, though the cave also leads out to where the hero first witnesses Rex Mayday and Melonie's confrontation with Jamirus. Cragravation is locked into day during the first visit to the area until it is cleared.

Empyrea has a nest atop the mountain, but does not patrol it in any way. After clearing the game and speaking with Leonyx, the player can move to the center of the nest in order to challenge Emyprea. Estark also slumbers in Cragravation, trapped in ice, and attempting to speak to him during the post-game will give the hero the option of challenging him as well.