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Treepidation is a region found in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. It is a jungle themed area and the second area accessed in the game, after the Albatross.

Treepidation is mostly a jungle, though it is also home to a mire and a large cavern. Considering it is the first area explored after leaving the location of the Albatross, the monsters found here are amongst the weakest in the game. However, much like Infant Island in the previous game, there are a few powerful monsters to be mindful of.


Treepidation is the first region the hero sets off into, along with Rory Bellows, in an effort to rescue the other missing passengers of the Albatross. It is here that the threat of giant monsters first appears in the form of the wormonger, the creature swallowing Rory not long after he and the hero locate Archie Logg. After tracking the monstrous worm down and saving Rory from its stomach, the hero obtains a relic spat out by the monster and learns how to reach the Doubtback.


The layout of Treepidation circles around, though a drop in the northwestern section will require the caves to be used to reach the southeastern side, where using the southern exit will open a pathway so the player will be able to easily return to the Albatross without having to navigate the caves and western side again. The cave entrances in the southwestern and northeastern sides lead to dead ends, while the northern one leads to the bottom of the cavern. There is a central area that can only be accessed on the eastern side during rainfall, since a large log will be pushed down the river to act as a bridge to the center.

When the player first visits Treepidation, it will be locked in daytime. Additionally, the mire on the west side will be impassable until speaking with the dilapidated mud mannequin and recovering its heart of mud after allowing the wormonger to wriggle by and scare one of the muddy hands into dropping the heart. Once Rory Bellows is devoured by the wormonger, the area will switch and lock into nighttime until Rory is rescued.

During the daytime, the wormonger will terrorize the region, moving along tracks it has made over time. It won't surface at night or while it is raining.