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The Mummy boy is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series, first appearing in Dragon Quest II. The Mummy boy and the Mummy originally looked very similar until 1996, where the latter was coloured purple hence forth.


Mummy boys are undead animated through dark magic whose bodies are wrapped from head to toe in white bandages, both of their arms raised up. They have pitch-black skin underneath their bandages and solid yellow eyes. Originally, they were depicted as having blue skin beneath their bandages. They are able to twist their upper bodies in unnatural ways when attacking and in some games, are even capable of landing desperate attacks. Later games gave mummy boys the ability to land curses on their opponents either by sending out orbs of pure hatred or with their attacks.


Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

Mummy boy (ミイラおとこ Mīra otoko)DQ2-SNES-LOGO-ICON.PNG
Original (NES)
Sprite HP MP Attack
DQ2-NES-MUMMY-BOY.png 46 0 58
Defense Agility Experience Gold
2 1 44 40
Abilities None
Location(s) West of Moonbrooke
Dragonlord's Castle
Item Dropped Plain clothes (18)
Evasion Fire Resistance * Dazzle Resistance Snooze Resistance
064 07 27 77
Thwack Resistance Fizzle Resistance Kasap Resistance
57 77 27
Remakes (SFC, GBC, Mobile)
Sprites HP MP Attack
DQ2-SNES-MUMMY-MAN.png DQ2-GBC-MUMMY-MAN.pngDQII iOS Mummy boy.pngMummy Boy Erdrick Trilogy Switch.png 46 0 58
Defense Agility Experience Gold
2 1 44 40
Abilities None
Location(s) West of Moonbrooke
Dragonlord's Castle
Item Dropped Plain clothes (18)
Evasion Fire Resistance * Dazzle Resistance Snooze Resistance
064 07 27 77
Thwack Resistance Fizzle Resistance Kasap Resistance
57 77 27

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Mummy man (ミイラおとこ Mīra otoko)DQ3-SNES-LOGO-ICON.png
Original (NES)
Sprite Level HP MP
Mummy DQIII NES.gif 12 35 0
Attack Defense Agility Experience Gold
55 49 19 73 25
Bestiary No. #033
Spell(s) None
Skill(s) Desperate attack
Location(s) Isis region
Item Dropped Medicinal herb132 (NES)
T'n'T ticket (SFC)
Evasion Fire Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
064 0% 0% 0%
Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance Whack Resistance * Kamikazee Resistance
0% 100% 100% 0%
Poof Resistance Fuddle Resistance Snooze Resistance Dazzle Resistance
25% 0% 25% 25%
Fizzle Resistance Sap Resistance * Deceleratle Resistance *
100% 25% 25%
Remakes sprites

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Mummy boy (ミイラおとこ Mīra otoko)DQ8-LOGO-ICON.png
Original (PS2)
Sprite HP MP Attack
DQVIII PS2 Mummy boy.png 73 0 37
Defense Agility Experience Gold
30 25 55 9
Bestiary no. #044
Family Undead
In-game description A monster wrapped from head to toe in filthy old bandages. Capable of spitting curses that envelop and immobilise enemies.
Spell(s) None
Skill(s) Throws cursed orbs of pure hatred (stuns character for one turn)
Location(s) Ruined Abbey
Kingdom of Ascantha (night only)
Wisher's Peak
Dark Ruins
Item(s) dropped Bandana116
Evasion Attack Resistance Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance *
064 30% 0% 0%
Fire Breath
Bang Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Crack Resistance *
0% 25% 50% 100%
Ice breath
Strike/Rock Resistance * Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
100% 25% 25% 100%
Whack Resistance * Poison Resistance * Paralysis Resistance * Fuddle Resistance *
15% 50% 15% 15%
Snooze resistance * Dazzle Resistance Fizzle Resistance Ban Dance Resistance
15% 0% 100% 100%
Stun Resistance * Sap Resistance * Army Resistance *
50% 0% 25%
Remake (3DS, Mobile)
Notable Changes

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

Mummy boy (ミイラ男 Mīra otoko)DQIX Logo.png
Model HP MP Attack
Mummy boy IX.png 91 8 60
Defence Agility Experience Gold
30 22 105 60
Bestiary no. #044
Family Undead
In-game description Talented tacticians who focus on their more formidable foes first, and are reinforced against wind and darkness.

They always bring some spare bandages to bind some spare beauties they might bump into and want to bring back with them.
Spell(s) None
Skill(s) None
Location(s) Quarantomb
Item(s) dropped Grubby bandage116
Fire Resistance * Ice
Wind Resistance * Blast/Lightning Resistance *
-25% 25% 0% 0%
Rock Resistance * Dark Resistance * Light Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
0% 25% -100% 0%
Whack Resistance * Poison Resistance * Paralysis Resistance * Fuddle Resistance *
25% 25% 50% 25%
Snooze Resistance * Dazzle Resistance Sap Resistance * Blunt Resistance *
25% 25% 0% 0%
Deceleratle Resistance * Spooky Aura Resistance* Fizzle Resistance * Stun Resistance *
0% 0% 100% 50%
Charm Resistance *

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Mummy boys began appearing in Version 2.0 of the game. They are able to curse characters either with their attacks or by sending out cursed orbs of pure hatred and will also call for backup from more of their kind.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Mummy boy
Family Undead
Rank E
Description Malicious mummies who spread pestilence amongst the living.
Weapons Swords, Spears, Whips, Staves
Traits -
Resistances Crackproof, Vulnerable to Zap, Whackproof
Skill Graveheart, Attack Boost
Location Xeroph Isle (Ruins)
Breeding chart Funghoul x King kelp

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Mummy boy
Family Undead
Rank E
Size S
Weapons Swords, Whips, Spears, Staves
Traits Sleepy Touch
Resistances Immune to Crack and Whack
Skill Graveheart
Location Bemusoleum (night)
Breeding chart Drohl drone x Heedoo voodoo or Dracky

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Mummy boy (ミイラおとこ Mira otoko) DQM3 Logo.png
Icon Family Max HP* Max MP*
Mummy boy DQM3 portrait.png DQM3 undead family icon.png 1,380 420
Max Attack Max Defence Max Agility Max Wisdom
580 560 450 340
Bestiary No. #445
Rank F
In-game description An ancient king who believed he would be revived after his death and so had his body preserved for the occasion. Unfortunately, dark magic somehow seeped into his cadaver, turning him into this bandage-swaddled terror
Talents Graveheart (lv. 1)
Stun Stopper (lv. 20)
Attack Booster I (lv. 40)
Guaranteed traits Ultra Crafty Sleeper (lv. 1)
Sleepy Touch (lv. 20)
Tit for Tat (lv. 40)
Large-size exclusive traits Tactical Genius (lv. 1)
Somnolent Skin (lv. 1)
Ultra Crafty Debilitator (lv. 60)
Habitat House of Shifting Sands
Circle of Indulgence - Upper Echelon (DQM3 autumn icon.png)
Items Mystery meat (Common)
Full moon amulet (Rare)
Synthesis chart String fella DQM3 portrait.png X Walking corpse DQM3 portrait.png
Notable synthesis Mummy boy X DQM3 beast family icon.png = Weartiger DQM3 portrait.png
Mummy boy X Skullrider DQM3 portrait.png = Dead resident DQM3 portrait.png
Fire Resistance * Water Resistance * Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
-25% 0% 25% 50%
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Light Resistance *
25% 50% 0% 0%
Dark Resistance * Debilitation Resistance* Bedazzlement Resistance * Antimagic Resistance *
25% 0% -25% 25%
MP Absorption Resistance * Confusion Resistance * Sleep Resistance * Paralysis Resistance *
50% 0% 50% 0%
Stun Resistance * Poison Resistance *
0% 50%
Instant Death Resistance *

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Mummy Boy (ミイラ男 Mīraotoko)DQHII Logo.png
Model Experience Gold Marked Version?
Mummy boy Heroes II.png 3 2g Yes
List No. #008
Field Notes Creepy creatures wrapped top to toe in bandages. You can feel their fury in every thump they throw.
They carry spare bandages with them at all times to ensure they arrive at every battle looking spick and span.
Location(s) The Grand Dunes, The Battle of Dunisia
Item(s) Dropped Grubby bandage (common), Flaxen thread (rare)

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Mummy boy appears as a C-rank monster of the Undead family that can be scouted normally from any banner. It can participate in the Walking corpse's Battle Road as a party member.

Mummy boy (ミイラおとこ Mīraotoko)Tactlogo.png

DQT Mummy Boy.png
Family Rank Role
Tact Icon Zombie.png
DQTact Rank Icon C.png DQTact DebuffType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
115 902 170 3
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
378 295 211 132 20
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Sleep Attack Shade Slash* N/a
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Move +1 / Stats Up Bang Res +25 / Stats Up Shade Slash Potency +5% / Stats Up
Fourth Fifth
Zap Res +25 / Stats Up Shade Slash Potency +5% / Stats Up
Leader Perks
Basic Perks
First Second Third
ATK +3 Shade Slash Potency +2% N/a
Perk Details
Move +1: Raises Move by 1.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Very Weak Very Weak Normal Normal
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Heavy Res Heavy Res Normal Half Res
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Half Res Normal Normal Super Weak
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Super Weak
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Normal Immune Normal Normal

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolPequemomiaFrom the Spanish pequeño and momia.
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisMomignonDerived from momie and mignon, the French word for "cute".
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschMumienknirpsGerman for "mummy chap".
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoCocco di mummiaItalian for "darling/sweetheart mummy".


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