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A T'n'T ticket is an item in the remade versions of Dragon Quest V. They also exist in the remakes of Dragon Quest III as a "token".


Dragon Quest III[edit]


The Tokens can be found through search in the following areas:

They are sometimes dropped by a Mummy man.

Tokens are also sold at a shop on the 5th Treasures n' Trapdoors board.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The T'n'T ticket enables the player to participate in the T'n'T boards. One ticket is used per session, and they cannot be purchased; they must be found throughout the world. Once the T'n'T free pass is obtained, these tickets are no longer needed.


Take the treasure, but tiptoe around those trapdoors to touch the winning tile![1]
Get the treasure and avoid the trapdoors to take home the win![2]

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