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The Tombola ticket (Called Lottery Ticket in the NES version and SlotToken in the GBC Version of Dragon Quest II due to text limitation) is an item in Dragon Quest II, Dragon Quest V, and Dragon Quest Swords.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The Tombola ticket can be used to play the Tombola mini-games, and can also be sold for 53 gold coins. Tombola tickets can be found in the following areas:

Other means of obtaining them include:

  • Occasionally being given away when purchasing an item at the Item Shop.
  • Getting one as a consolation prize when matching two out of three symbols during the Tombola game.
  • Dropped sometimes by Dragonfry, Chewlip, Deadnaut, and Orc King.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The Tombola ticket can be used to play the Tombola mini-game in Lodestar Harbor. Tickets are found in chests or as enemy drops throughout the game, and are also given away frequently to customers of the item shop in Lodestar Harbor. The easiest way to rack up tickets is by buying medicinal herbs in mass from the shop and selling them back to the shop when you've run out of space to hold them (99 in the bag; however many you can fit on each of your characters or monsters in the party). In general, amassing 30-50 or so tickets at a time from the shop and then saving at the church in town before playing the Tombola, is the quickest way to get positive results. A few resets should net the player the grand-prize of the loyalty card.

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]


Try your luck at the Tombola.[1]
Roll on up for the roly-poly game of risk with better prizes than a rollover draw![2]
Roll up for the game of risk with better prizes than a rollover draw![1]

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