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The Pirates' Den is a location in the Overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is home to a band of pirates who are only present at night. The house sits on the South American continent near what would be Argentina in the real world. The Den is the location of the Red Orb.

Red Orb[edit]

The Red Orb is hidden in a secret basement outside the house. It can be found by searching the ground after pushing a boulder out of the way. A pirate in the house mentions a red orb, but can't remember where he saw it. It is also common to use the Echo flute to learn of the orb's location at the House of Pirates.

Other treasures[edit]

All versions[edit]

NES version[edit]

SFC and GBC version[edit]

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Nearby enemies[edit]

  • Belisha Beakon
  • Infernal Armour
  • Walking Corpse
  • Smackanape (Called by Heedoo Voodoo)
  • Sea slime
  • Heedoo Voodoo


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Locked doors[edit]


If speaking to The Captain with the female Hero after defeating Baramos, her personality will change to an Amazon.