Black pepper

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Black Pepper
Japanese くろこしょう
Old localizations pepper
Found in Dragon Quest III
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Needed to trade for the ship.

Black pepper, formerly translated as pepper, is a quest-related item in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. It is required before the Hero can obtain a Ship.

Quest for a Ship[edit]

Black Pepper is first heard of when the hero visits the city of Portoga. The King of that land is the proud owner of a fleet of ships, but will only allow the hero to use one of his ships if the hero can bring him some of the rare and highly desired spice from the east. Giving the hero a Royal Missive to gain passage from his friend through the Nordy's Grotto mountains, the King of Portoga tasks the hero with this quest, though he doubts it shall be completed. Soon, the hero arrives in the town of Baharata, where the spice is grown and sold. However, the only shop that sells the pepper is closed due to the kidnapping of the shopkeeper's daughter, Tanaya. When speaking with the distressed shopkeeper and his daughter's boyfriend, Gopal Gupta, her boyfriend rashly rushes off to Kidnapper's Cave and is also captured. The hero must defeat Robbin' 'Ood and his henchmen once more to save the young lovers and earn a chance to buy the spice. However, as a kind gesture, Gopal gives the hero the Black Pepper for free once he inherits the shop.


In the GBC and SNES remakes, more Black Pepper can be received upon further visits to Baharata, despite the lack of purpose for the spice. This feature was removed in the Cell phone releases of the game, but is present in the Nintendo Switch edition.

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