Kidnapper's Cave

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The Cave East of Baharata is a dungeon in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is located east of Baharata and south of the Alltrades Abbey. It is the location of the second encounter with Robbin' 'Ood in Dragon Quest III.

Saving hostages[edit]

The hero and his party enter the cave in order to rescue Tanaya who has been taken hostage by Robbin'Ood and his gang. Gopal Gupta also goes to the cave to rescue her, but also is taken hostage. The hero and his party must defeat the criminal again in order to free the couple.


NES Version[edit]


Nearby monsters[edit]




  • Robbin'Ood must be defeated in Skyfell Tower prior to him showing up in the cave. If not defeated there, the 'Oodlums will block further entry on the 2nd basement of the cave.


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Locked doors[edit]