Gopal Gupta

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Gopal Gupta
Dragon Quest III
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Japanese name グプタ
Romaji Gupta
Old localization Gupta
Race Human
Age Early 20s

Gopal Gupta is a NPC in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. He is the boyfriend of Tanaya and lives in the village of Baharata.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Gopal is courting the hand of Tanaya, the granddaughter of the pepper merchant in Baharata. The two are close, but their romance is interrupted when Tanaya is kidnapped by Robbin' 'Ood in the middle of the night and held for ransom. Gopal initially stays behind and contemplates fulfilling the ransom demand along with Tanaya's grandfather, but when the party hears the story of Tanaya's kidnapping from her grandfather, Gopal finds the courage in himself to go and save her. He is subsequently captured by bandits as well. Both young lovers are freed after the heroes defeat the crook for a second time in the Kidnapper's Cave.

After being rescued, Gopal gives the heroes some pepper free of charge at the shop in Baharata. This is the only location to receive pepper in the game and is required in order to receive the Ship from the king of Portoga. Afterwards, Gopal and Tanaya plan their marriage and he informs the party of the whereabouts of Alltrades Abbey to the north.


The name Gupta is likely derived from the Gupta Empire of northern India, which rose to power in 330 AD and lasted until 550 AD.