Shrine of Shackles

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The Shrine of Shackles is an isolated prison floating atop the inland sea between Romaria, Norvik, and Asham.

The prison is unique among the shrines of Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation in that it has two names, being dubbed the Shrine of Shackles by a lost soul within its walls, and Shrine Jail by the Storeyteller spell.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Shrine of Shackles lies beyond the strait of Olivia's Promontory. The prison cannot be sailed to until Olivia's restless spirit has been calmed, meaning that the Hero retrieves the Locket of Love from the rotten hull of the Phantom Ship. This frees the soul of Eric, and the two ghosts reunite at last in the skies over the promontory as they ascend to heaven together.

Within the prison lies two lingering spirits, one of whom was the man known as Simão. He tells the Hero to search near his skeletal remains to retrieve the Mountaincleaver, allowing the party passage into the Cave of the Necrogond.


  • Though the geographic position does not match, the shrine's status as an inescapable island prison is reminiscent of Alcatraz island.


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