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Japanese ゆめみるルビー
Romaji Yumemirurubi
Old localizations Dream Ruby
Found in Dragon Quest III
Effect The Sleeping village is awakened when returned.

The Dreamstone is an item in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.

It is found in a treasure chest within the Underground Lake. It is part of the Dreamstone subquest, which is an optional quest early in the game.


The Dreamstone is part of a sidequest involving the village of Norvik and the Super Secret Faerie Village. A man from Norvik fell in love with Aniseed, the daughter of the Queen of the village. However, their love was forbidden by the queen and, as a result, the daughter stole a ruby called the Dreamstone. The queen, thinking that the village of Norvik had stolen the ruby, placed a sleeping spell on the village. Meanwhile, the daugher and her lover left a note and committed suicide in the Underground Lake.

Upon returning it to the village, The Hero and party will recieve the Wakey Dust.


In the original game release, the Dreamstone (called "Dream Ruby") is a key to a major glitch known as the Dream Ruby Glitch.

Message left with the Dreamstone[edit]

":Forgive me mother,

for departing this
world ahead of you.
If my love for him,
that of elf for
human, is forbidden
in this world.
At least I can be
with him in the one
beyond... Anne"

—Dream Ruby letter (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation) (NES)

":Please forgive

us, Mother.
If love between an
elf and human is
forbidden in this
life... We will be
lovers in heaven. Love, Anne"

—DreamRuby letter (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation) (GBC)

":Dear mother,

I hope you can forgive me.
But if faeries and humans can't be together in
this world...
'Then we have no choice but to go together to
the next. All my love

—Dreamstone letter (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation) (Cell phone)