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Localized As Dream Ruby
Found in Dragon Quest III
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect The sleeping village is awakened when returned.

The Dreamstone is an item in Dragon Quest III. It is found in a treasure chest within the Underground Lake. It is part of the Dreamstone subquest, which is an optional quest early in the game.


The Dreamstone is part of a subquest involving the village of Norvik and the Super Secret Faerie Village. A man from Norvik fell in love with the daughter of the queen of the Faerie village. However, their love was forbidden by the queen and, as a result, the daughter stole a ruby called the Dreamstone. The queen, thinking that the village of Norvik had stolen the ruby, placed a sleeping spell on the village. Meanwhile, the daugher and her lover left a note and committed suicide in the Underground Lake.

Message left with the Dreamstone[edit]

Forgive me mother,
for departing this
world ahead of you.
If my love for him,
that of elf for
human, is forbidden
in this world.
At least I can be
with him in the one
beyond... Anne


In the original game release, the Dreamstone (called "Dream Ruby") is a key to a major glitch known as the Dream Ruby Glitch.

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