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The Super Secret Faerie Village (Hidden Village of Elves in older localizations) is a concealed community of the fair folk. It is located west of Norvik and is represented by a shrub tile on the world map. It is a safe haven for Elves and wildlife, who have retreated into the forest to avoid the encroachment of human civilization, and is ruled by a stern queen who forbids all contact with outsiders. Regardless of this decree, the queen's very own daughter has recently run away with a young man, causing grave repercussions for the village of Norvik...


Dreamstone Sidequest[edit]

The S.S.F.V. is the final point for the Dreamstone subquest. By returning to the village with the gem from the Underground Lake and showing it to the village's queen, the heroes can receive the Wakey Dust necessary to break the spell on the people of Norvik.

Item Shop[edit]

The village is home to a prejudiced item shop which will only sell items to elves, Dwarves, and other non-humans. As a result, it cannot be used unless the heroes possess a Mod Rod and changes into a suitable disguise.

Item Shop (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Prayer ring 2,500
Fading Jenny 300
Chimaera wing 25
Coagulant 500 +30
Tangleweb 35
Angel's robe 3,000 +35

Item Shop (Remakes)
Item Price Attributes
Angel's robe 3,000 +35
Prayer ring 2,500
Morning star 1,700 +30
Snooze stick 4,200 +30
Golden Tiara 5,000 13 Luck
Being A Better Person book 90

Nearby monsters[edit]


DQ III NES Village of the Elves.png


  • In the original game, you could only buy items from the shop if you're in the form of a Dwarf. In the remake, you can also buy items if you take the form of a Slime.