List of items in Dragon Quest III

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The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and be used by the Hero and his party in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. Buying and selling prices sometime differ between the NES and the GBC Version.

Regular Items[edit]

Name Purchase Price Selling Price Effect
Medicinal herb 8 6 Heals a small amount of damage.
Antidotal herb 10 7 Removes Poison effect.
Holy water 20 15 Repels weaker enemies.
Chimaera wing 25 18 Casts Zoom on use.
Moonwort bulb 30 22 Lessens the possibility of being effected by Snooze and Fizzle.
Tangleweb 35 26 Lowers the agility of an enemy.
Coagulant 500 375 When used, has the same effect as Fuddle.
Fading Jenny 300 225 Grants the users temporary invisibility.
Prayer ring 2,000 1,875 Restores MP one or more, and eventually breaks.
Yggdrasil leaf -- 3 Revives one ally.
Water blaster (NES Version only) -- 15 Squirts water on an NPC.
Dieamend 800 (GBC version) 600 (GBC version) Stone shatters to prevent holder from being killed by Whack, Thwack and Kamikazee.
Elevating shoes -- 75 Raises experience points for every step for the wearer.
Seed of life -- 150 Augments max HP.
Seed of magic (GBC version only) -- -- Augments max MP.
Seed of strength -- 180 Augments Strength.
Seed of resilience -- 90 Augments Resilience.
Seed of agility -- 60 Augments Agility.
Seed of wisdom -- 120 Augments Wisdom.
Seed of luck -- 45 Augments Luck.

Incredible Items[edit]

Name Location Effect
Thief's Key From an old man atop the Dreamer's Tower. Opens gold doors.
Magic Key Found in the Pyramid after solving a puzzle. Opens gold and silver doors.
Ultimate Key In Shallows Shrine. Opens all doors.
Wrecking ball Given to the party by an old man at Reeve (after getting the Thief's Key). Use it to progress through Path of Promise.
Dreamstone Found in a chest in the Underground Lake. Give to the Queen of Faeries. Using it paralyzes the entire party.
Wakey Dust Received from Queen in Super Secret Faerie Village after presenting her with the Dream Ruby. Wakes up the residents of Norvik.
Royal Scroll Receive from the King of Portoga. Present to Nordy the Dwarf in his tunnel for further passage.
Black pepper Received at Baharata after defeating Robbin' 'Ood for the 2nd time. Give to the King of Portoga in exchange for a ship.
Bottomless pot In a chest in the basement of Edina. Use on shoals to gain entry in the Shallows Shrine.
Night light Found in Shop at Theddon. Changes the time from day to night. Can be sold for 225 Gold Coins in the GBC version.
Echo Flute Receive in a treasure chest at Fifer's Spire. Use in a location with the Six Orbs to hear an echo.
Red Orb In a cellar outside the building in the Pirates' Den. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Green Orb Given by a prisoner at the jail in Theddon during night. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Purple Orb Found in Jipang after defeating Orochi. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Blue Orb In a chest in Gaia's Navel. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Yellow Orb Behind the chair of the Merchant's house in the Immigrant Town. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Silver Orb Given by the man in the Necrogond Shrine. Put on pedestal in Leiamland.
Ra's Mirror In a chest in Manoza Cave. Use to reveal the identity of the false King of Manoza.
Mod Rod Found in chest after defeating Boss troll in Manoza Transforms the user into an alternate form and is needed to get the Boatman's Bone from the old man at Greenlad.
Boatman's Bone Received from the old man at Greenlad in exchange for the Mod Rod. The Phantom Ship will only be seen around the sea by Romaria with this.
Locket of Love Found aboard the Phantom Ship in a chest. Need for passage to the Shrine Jail.
Recovery ring Found in chest at Rimuldar inn. Restores the HP of it's wearer 1 unit per step.
Orichalcum Found in the bushes in the pasture at Damdara. Sell at the item shop in Kol for 25,000 Gold Coins, while the shop owner forges it into the Sword of kings.
Lyre of Ire Found in basebase in Galenholm Can be used to summon monsters. Can be sold for 7 Gold Coins in the NES version.
Stones of Sunlight Kitchen in Tantegel Castle. Give to the old man at the Sanctum.
Staff of Rain Receive from Rubiss' servant in the Shrine of the Spirit. Give to the old man at the Sanctum.
Crest From Rubiss after freeing her at the Tower of Rubiss Having it convinces the man at the Sanctum to create the Rainbow Drop.
Equipping it protects the Hero from Whack, Thwack and Kamikazee.
Sage's stone Restores some HP of each character when used in battle. Found in treasury in Zoma's Citadel.
Second one found in Luzami after receiving third riddle in Cloudsgate Citadel. (Remakes only)
Sphere of Light Given by the Dragon Queen at her castle. Weakens Zoma.
Mini medal (GBC version only) Found in various locations. Trade with man in a well at Aliahan.
Magic Map (remakes only) Found in a chest in Path of Promise after using Magic Bomb. Shows a map of the overworld.
Pixy Map
Found in Tantegel from a priest. Shows a map of Alefgard.