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Dieamends (いのちのいし, Originally called Stone of life and Life stone in early ports of Dragon Quest III) are special stones that will absorb death magic for the user. If a character it targeted by whack or thwack and possess this stone, it will take death spell and shatter.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The Dieamend can be found in the following locations:

They are also sold in an item shop in the Pachisi Board in the Zipangu well (GBC Version only) for 800 gold coins. They couldn't be sold in the NES Version, but can be sold in the remakes for 600 gold coins.

Monsters who might drop the item include:

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Dieamends can be purchased from late game shops for 300 gold apiece.


This gem can take the fall in place of its bearer.[1]


  1. Nintendo DS Version and Cell phone version