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Magic beast hide is a recurring alchemy ingredient. Used for leather products. A common drop of Big badboons.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The magic beast hide can be sold for 70 Gold Coins or be used for the following alchemy creations with:

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

They are a common drop from Trigertaurs, Big badboons, Badjas, Swinoceros, Tearwolves,Master moosifers, Bling badgers, Badboons, Bewarewolves, Claw hammers, Moosifers, Dreadful drackals, Brainy badboons, and Octagoons. They are rare drops from Boppin' badgers, Badger magers, Splatterhorns, and Rampages.This is the only way of obtaining them, as they cannot be bought. They are used in a few alchemy recipes.


  • Sturdy hide obtained from an aggressive animal. (Description when selecting the Magic beast hide in PS2 Dragon Quest VIII.)