Bling-bling belt

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Bling-bling belt
Bling-bling belt xi icon.png
Japanese おしゃれなベルト
Romaji Osharena beruto
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Effect Increases the wearer's Style or Charm.

The Bling-bling belt is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series. It is a fashionable golden belt that gives a small boost to the wearer's style.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

The bling-bling belt has a style bonus of +5. With accessory synthesis, the style bonus can be increased and it can gain a small boost to defence, agility, or deftness.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Bling-bling belt xi icon.png  Bling-bling belt
(forge buffs)
(+3, +4, +5)
(forge buffs)
(+12, +14, +16)
Found Found in a dresser at L'Académie.
Can be received as a prize for playing poker at the casino in Puerto Valor or Octagonia.
Rarity E
Recipe Magic beast hide x2 + Silver ore + Sparkly sap
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆
Equipable by All Characters
Class Other Accessories
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 900
Flavor text A trendy trouser-keeper-upper that will bump up the wearer's charm a bit.

The recipe book Fine and Dandy Designs contains the recipe for the bling-bling belt. It can be found on a bookshelf in the Biblothèque at L'Académie de Notre Maitre des Médailles.


A trendy trouser-keeper-upper that will bump up the wearer's charm a bit.[1]


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