King of Manoza

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King of Manoza
Dragon Quest III
Japanese name サマンオサ王
Romaji Ōshō no Samanosa
Title King
Race Human

The King of Manoza is the ruler of the southernmost kingdom in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

When the Hero first enters Manoza, they witness the funeral of a man who did nothing more than criticize the King and was put to death for it. This is in stark contrast to the sovereign responsibility exemplified in the other monarchs, and the first hint to the player that something is rotten in the southern continent.

After exploring the castle and speaking to the the guards, dancing girls, kitchen staff, the Princess, and then King himself, the Hero finds he is a vulgar and crude wretch who orders them to be tossed into the dungeon because of their appearance. There, the truth is revealed--the man on the throne is nothing more than Boss troll who stole the real King's Mod Rod and has been impersonating him. The real rules begs the Hero to find the Ra's Mirror in the southeastern cave near the castle and expose the monster. The Hero and company opt for a final solution to the problem and slaughter the brute after retrieving the mirror.

With the real King back on the throne, peace returns to Manoza and the man could not be any more grateful to the Hero for freeing his people and daughter.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Like the other Kings, the Portoga monarch travels to the former castle of Baramos to pay respect to the people and King of the land who were killed when the archfiend invaded. The group and their guards were mortified to find that the castle is crawling with monsters seeking to revive their late master.

The King of Manoza is found in the rear section of the castle, in shock that his guard has been pulled away by monsters and left shuddering at the man's fate. He is flanked by two skeletons that seek to make him a sacrifice for their master, but the Luminary makes short work of them. The King is grateful for the rescue, but is more worried about his abducted guard. The King is overjoyed when the Necrogondolier is killed, and moreso that his guard is safe.

When Baramos revives despite the death of his henchman, the King of Manoza returns along with the other kings to besige the castle with their own armies. He is found in the same room as before and, unwilling to put his own men harm's way just for his sake, he attempts to fight two monsters on his own. The Luminary makes quick work of the mob, and the King admits that his fighting days are over after the rescue. After the archfiend is obliterated, the King stands astonished that anyone but the legendary hero of Aliahan could be so powerful.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

The king and his imposter appear in the scenario based on III, and this marks the first time he has been illustrated in official media.