Staff of Rain

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Staff of Rain
DQ Staff Of Rain.png
Localized As Rain Staff
Found in Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest III
Buy for N/A
Sell for N/A

The Staff of Rain (GBC: Rain Staff) is an essential item in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. It is required in both games in order to create the Rainbow Drop.

Dragon Quest[edit]

In Dragon Quest, the Staff of Rain can be obtained by trading the Lyre of Ire with the wizard in the Rain Shrine. Take the Staff of Rain and the Sunstone to the wizard in the Southern Shrine to obtain the Rainbow Drop.


Game System Buy Sell Location Sp/Ab
DW1 NES N/A N/A Northern Shrine None

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

It can be used in battle to cast Coral Grief.

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