List of version differences in Dragon Quest I

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This article is a listing of the version differences of Dragon Quest.

Famicom Version[edit]

  • Original version
  • Password save system
  • Uses sprites much like older PC RPGs (such as the early Ultima games), in that characters did not face in a particular direction, but instead always face forward.
  • When you want to talk to someone, you have to choose a direction first.

NES Version[edit]

  • Battery-backed SRAM system.
  • Dragon Warrior release was allocated more memory for graphics improvements
  • Characters were given directional appearance and was also applied to all moving NPCs.
  • Coastline graphics were slightly upgraded to appear better.
  • When you want to talk to someone, the direction you face is used. This also applies to all moving NPCs as well.

SFC Version[edit]

  • Hero is able to carry multiple weapon and armor items. Previously, only 1 of each type of equipment could be held.
  • Scale of dungeons is greatly increased.
  • Mountain Cave is greatly redesigned.
  • Experience needed to gain levels is decreased.
  • Experience and gold given by monsters is increased.
  • The dragon guarding the princess is given an on screen sprite.
  • Shrines are given world map sprites rather than simply staircase sprites.
  • Shrines are given a unique soundtrack. The same music which is used for shrines in Dragon Quest II.
  • The Silver Harp will summon any enemy in the area when used, as opposed to the NES Version which would only summon monsters from around Tantegal or the Mountain Cave.
  • Roto's Tablet is now a tombstone that appears in place of the chest containing it.
  • The music for Hauskness was changed from the dungeon theme to the Requiem from Dragon Quest II.

GBC Version[edit]

  • Many names in the game have been shortened due to GBC's display constraints.
  • A few convenience changes such as a field log save, that quits to the main menu.


  • Name alteration: Dragon Quest is the original name. It was launched under that name in Japan. The North American release came across some trademark issues over that name, and as a result; began as Dragon Warrior.
  • Dragon Quest has the logo on a solid-color background.
    Japan Release / Trademark free logo
  • Dragon Warrior has a more generic logo on a somewhat more interesting background. It also moves all the options to menus following the title screen.
    North America Release / Compare this... And...
    PRG0... When it looks good on paper
  • At some point shortly after its launch in North America, someone with infinite wisdom noticed that there were some issues/typos with the translated copy, and so came the birth of a second version.
    To this. And...
    PRG1...See? Infinite wisdom
  • Some townspeople sprites from the Japanese version are present in the monster graphics of Dragon Warrior, unused.
  • The locations of "SEARCH" and "DOOR" (しらべる and とびら, respectively) in the control menu, were switched out due to the longer English text.