Grave of Galen

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The Grave of Galen (ガライの墓, Garai no Haka, Grave of Garinham) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest where in it lies beneath the town of Galenholm.

A Magic Key is required to enter the building blocking the path to the entrance. Before entering for the first time, you'll be met by a strange old man who ominously tells you that no one entering the tomb is seen from again, before fading away...



Lyre of Ire[edit]

The main treasure within the dungeon is the Lyre of Ire, which is an essential item for completing one of the challenges placed upon the player.

In order to get into the room containing the Ire, you must find your way to the bottom floor, before taking the stairs back up into it's chamber.

Other Treasures[edit]

Other items found in the dungeon are as follows:

Other Appearances[edit]

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Chapter 1, Episode 5 of the limited Dragon Quest event takes place in the Grave of Galen. After Mindini is separated from both the Master and Majellan, she finds herself in the dungeon and finds the lyre and starts to play it. The cacophony caused by her bad playing draws the ire of nearby monsters, causing her companions to have to come to her rescue. However, after the battle a Drohl drone kidnaps Mindini when it realizes she was the one behind the discordant music.

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