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Dragon Quest Tact
Sprite(s) Mindini Sprite.png
Japanese name モナン
Romaji Monan
Race Demon

Mindini is one of the main characters of Dragon Quest Tact. She is a friendly Pink sanguini who assists the player character.

Characteristics and Personality[edit]

Mindini is a typical pink sanguini, having a round pink body with a pair of bat wings on her back, large fluffy ears, and a long pointy tail. She is distinguished by the red ribbon she wears over her brow.

Mindini is something of a troublemaker and is very impulsive, often finding herself stuck in dangerous situations that her companions have to get her out of, much to the exasperation of Majellan. She has a serious side as well, which is displayed when she displays the red eyes and sharp fangs characteristic of her species and has been known to don a military uniform to help whip monsters into top fighting form.


Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Mindini is the first monster that the player encounters in the world of Orchesterra, finding them out in the wilderness along with the Slime knight. She serves as a guide to the player throughout the story.


  • In the various crossover events of the game, Mindini often dresses in the costumes of different female characters throughout the series history.
  • She has turned into a dog in two occasions: the Dragon Quest II event, and the Dragon Quest VII event.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
Icons-flag-jp.png 日本モナン
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisRosinie
ICON-FLAG-KO.png 한국어모난
ICON-FLAG-TW.png 中文 (繁體)魔萌妮