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Dragon Quest Tact
DQT Azurome.png
Japanese name アズーロマ
Romaji Azūroma
Race Machine

Azurome is one of the Five Fiends in Dragon Quest Tact and serves as the final boss of the third part of the story mode. Long ago, he and the other four fiends fought against Gargeos alongside Amatea, the previous human wielder of the mysterious Baton the tactician uses. Azurome is the leader of the machine monsters in the Percusso region.

Characteristics and Personality[edit]

Azurome is a floating war robot with a green, teal, and gold colour sceheme that appears to have been specially manufactured from various other mechanical monsters. He has a bulky, spherical central body similar to that of an Overkilling machine with four arms, while the lower half of his body looks somewhat like a Killing machine with its limbs removed. His head is located in front of his body and has the singular red eye characteristic of most Killing machine models, as well as a pair of spikes on either side. In his upper set of arms, he wields a pair of mechanical objects that have been repurposed as bludgeoning weapons. He has glowing red circles in the center of each of his palms. On the top of his upper body, Azurome has a set of four exhaust pipes and a circular valve. When Azurome loses control of himself, his green armour plating becomes darker and he has lines of red energy coursing throughout his body instead of his normal yellow. In battle, he specialises in using lightning spells and techniques.

Elegia explains that as one of the Five Fiends, Azurome danced to his own tune and would often act with complete abandon, even though he seemed logical. He was always honest and a reliable comrade, which Elegia admired the most about him. Azurome had only spoken once about the rebellion in the past with his fellow Five Fiends. Although he seemed deeply troubled by the machine monsters' desire for freedom, ultimately he chose to side with Amatea and put a stop to the uprising. Azurome has a peculiar speech pattern where he makes complete sentences with dashes separating each word instead of spaces.


New Phenomenon[edit]

Azurome is first mentioned in Chapter 1 of Part 3's storyline, being the likely culprit behind both Mayor Cogsgrove's malfunctioning and the recent increase in attacks from machine monsters, being uttered by a defeated Metal dragon. King Augoostus's palace then summons the Master's group with Elegia in tow to discuss the grim tidings with Redcrim. Elegia and Redcrim explain that Azurome was one of their fellow Five Fiends. He resides in the land of Percusso, where machine monsters exist in greater numbers, and it is said that he was born to lead them. The group then decides to journey there to try to put an end to the rampaging machine monsters and fix Cogsgrove, with Elegia herself accompanying them.

As the party arrives at a port in Percusso via ship, they are greeted by more machine monsters that attack them. They journey to the palace of King Firon of Percusso where they are greeted as guests. King Firon recounts the story of their land, where the machine monsters were originally designed as workhorses and labourers of the realm, but they grew resentful over time and staged an uprising. Elegia explains that it was Azurome, with the help of Amatea, that put an end to the rebellion. Majellan hypothesises that if Azurome has become influenced by evil just like Redcrim and Elegia were, he would be behind the current uprising. However, Firon's memory is spotty and he is unable to remember just how Azurome put an end to the ancient uprising, so the party makes their way to a library for research where they find a book explaining that Azurome created a machine to do so. There they encounter Totto, who has been researching Azurome's machine because of the current uprising. He agrees to help the group find the machine since he wants to help put a stop to it, as well.

In Search of Valued Parts[edit]

Totto explains that the device Azurome created in the past emits radio waves with a special wavelength that caused the raging machines to act normal again. He hopes that by they'll be able to do the same thing once they get their hands on the device. Unfortunately, when they find the device, it is no longer in working condition, but Totto is able to repair the device by obtaining parts with the help of the party. During their search for the missing parts, they are discovered by Malini who sends automatons to attack them. The group makes quick work of the machines, but realise that Malini must know the location of the missing parts, as well. They make their way to a dangerous volcano where the parts are guarded by the Famed Schleiman Tank, encountering more machine monsters along the way.

After another encounter with Malini, the group begins to question why Azurome would instigate a new uprising if he had quelled one in the past. According to Elegia, the machine monsters started questioning their existence as they had only been created to serve. She is determined to help Azurome out at any cost since she believes he's not in his right mind. Majellan and Mindini explain to Elegia that Redcrim had said the same thing about her when she had been possessed. The party acquires another machine part from a Royal reptile that challenges them to a battle. Azurome had entrusted the part to the dragon and it eventually relinquishes it as it sensed no malice from the Master. Totto starts to doubt if he will be able to fix Azurome's machine and asks the group if they can go shopping for some other missing parts he requires. Mindini stays behind with the parts they had already found, along with the malfunctioning Cogsgrove, but she is ambushed by a group of monsters who steal both the parts and the mayor.

Stolen Things[edit]

Totto comes to the conclusion that Azurome is responsible for the theft of the parts and Cogsgrove. Long ago, Azurome made his base in a volcano in the Forbidden Lands of Percusso. Although Totto is fearful for the dangerous road ahead, Elegia gives him some words of encouragement and renews his determination. Upon arriving at Azurome's base, the group is immediately attacked by groups of machine monsters guarding that are on high alert. Totto questions why the machine monsters have become so hostile, wondering if they had really treated them so horribly. He feels uneasy about using brute force to put a stop to the machines simply for desiring their freedom. The group runs into Malini once again, who confirms that he is behind Azurome's rampage. Malini sends some machine minions against them and manages to retreat at the last minute.

Get Azurome[edit]

The group is able to make their way to the deepest part of Azurome's base where they come face to face with Azurome himself. Elegia is determined to put a stop to his rampage one way or another. She challenges him to single combat, but realises that it's pointless as it's actually a mirage created by Azurome, who sends even more machine monsters against the group. After the battle, Mayor Cogsgrove can be seen directing the monsters, having been repaired and altered in some way. Mindini tries to get the mayor to snap out of it, but it is to no avail. Totto then notices that the parts that have been used to repair Cogsgrove are the very same ones they were looking for, which allowed the mayor to command machine monsters himself. The dancing flame comes to the conclusion that the mayor must come from the same era as the ancient uprising as the parts were compatible with him.

A Discussion[edit]

They reach a dead end in the base and finally encounter the real Azurome. Totto attempts to talk sense into him, but Azurome responds that machines are not tools to be used by anyone and will fight for their freedom. He asks the party to buy him some time while he fixes the device to pacify the machines in the ancient rebellion. Azurome then attacks them in order to try destroying the device, but the Master and Elegia are able to stop him. Following the battle, the mechanical Fiend is temporarily snapped out of his rampage and is pleased to see Elegia. He explains to Totto that the device works differently than he believes, having been corrupted by oral tradition over the years. Although it was originally used to issue commands to machine monsters, Azurome grew uneasy about the device. He states that they need dialogue instead of commands, believing that compromise and cooperation should always be possible. Azurome then remembers that he named the device the Bondmaker. Unfortunately, at that moment, Malini appears once again with a group of machine monsters and sends Azurome back into his rampage. The party is then forced to do battle once again with him. Afterwards, with the help of the Master's Baton and the jewel they possess, which seems to speak in Amatea's voice. Azurome is then returned to normal and explains that the current uprising is a manifestation of the fears that he felt before meeting Amatea. King Firon appears at that moment, having heard everything, and agrees to usher in a better future for Percusso by working together with the machine monsters and offers Totto a place in his court.f

Azurome is faced as a boss in Chapter 8, Episode 7: Protect the Machine! 2 and Chapter 8, Episode 9: At the End of Battle in Part 3.

As a Guest[edit]

Azurome fights alongside the player's team as a guest party member in "Chapter 3, Episode 8: Reinforcements" of Part 4: Cordania.

Azurome (レドクリム Azūroma)Tactlogo.png
DQT Azurome.png
Guest in Family HP MP Max level
Chapter 3, Episode 8: Reinforcements Tact Icon Material.png
1,148 ???? ????
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Move
110 210 198 225 3
First Second Third
Lightning Shower Vortex Spark Thunderbolt
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Normal Half Res Half Res Very Weak
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Normal Normal Very Weak Immune
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Immune Immune Immune Immune



  • The story of Percusso and the rebellion of the machine monsters is similar to that of Faraday and the Automaton Stronghold in Dragon Quest VII. Autonymus is able to put a stop to the automatons' attacks with the help of a restored automaton named E.L.L.I.E, who broadcasts a signal causing the enemy robots to malfunction.

Fellow Fiends[edit]