King Firon

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King Firon
Dragon Quest Tact
DQT King Firon.png
Japanese name リネット
Romaji Rinetto
Race Flamethrower

King Firon is a character from Dragon Quest Tact.

He is the highest authority in Percusso, the land visited in the third part of the main story.


King Firon is a tall and muscular Flamethrower. He has a more human-like appearance compared to the other members of his species, with the face in particular standing out: his eyes had yellow sclera and red irises, and does not have sharp fangs. Firon, like other Flamethrowers, has blue skin, pointy ears, long fire hair that points upwards, and lacks a nose. He also has a long beard made of fire.

On his upper half, he wears a simple silver gorget and a long purple cape. He wears a silver armor skirt on his lower half, with a leather strip in the center. This leather strip is decorated with what appears to be Percusso's emblem. On his foot, he wears tall silver sabatons with golden accents. King Firon has a golden crown adorned with a ruby cut into a rhombus shape. Finally, Firon holds his staff: a wooden staff with a metalic tip that holds a large flame.