Heavenly Bride

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The three brides of Dragon Quest V.

The Heavenly Bride is a character who the Hero of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride can marry in the game.

Though getting married isn't optional, the choice in bride is and will have minor differences.


Upon arriving in the town of Mostroferrato, the Hero notices a young woman trying to retrieve her dog, Bingo. He helps by catching the dog who's owner, Nera of the Briscoletti family.

The young man finds out shortly that the family head Rodrigo Briscoletti is hoping to see Nera married off to a fitting husband through several tests.

The first is retrieving the Circle of Fire from the trio of monsters guarding it in Mount Magmageddon. The Hero succeeds in this test and is direct towards the next.

Test two requires retrieving the Circle of Water from the depths of Cataract Caves. He accomplishes this with the aid of his childhood friend Bianca Whitaker.

Because of her presence, the Briscoletti family decides that the groom to be is to think over on marrying Nera or Bianca and spending the night at the inn.

The following day the Hero returns to the Briscoletti residence to choose between the two ladies as well as Nera's sister, Debora Briscoletti.