Dwarf's Den

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Dwarf's Den is burrow in the Faerie Lea in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

It is the home of Dwight.


Dragon Quest V (DS)
Item Location
25 gold Chest on first floor
100 gold Chest on first floor
Seed of agility Chest on third floor
'Lots about Locks'
Bottom level
120 gold Chest on bottom floor (behind locked door)
Seed of life Chest on bottom floor (behind locked door)

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Poison puddle.png    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.



The cave can be revisited again in Generation III as all of Faerie Lae is accessible in the remakes of the game. Additionally, Dwight becomes a recruitable party member when talking to him.

Map & Gallery[edit]


  • In the original Super Famicom version of V, there was a sign at the entrance to the dungeon saying something like "Trespassers must not enter" that Honey would read out loud for the young, still illiterate Hero. This sign remains in the remakes, however Honey no longer reads it.