Kon the Knight

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Kon the Knight
HP MP Experience Gold
1450 3000 0
Attack Defense Speed
Locations Knightmare Towers
Skills Freezing Blizzard
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS
Romanji Jami

Kon the Knight (jami or jahmi in original translations) is a white, muscled horse covered in scales. He is a member of the Order of Zugzwang.


Kon, along with Slon the Rook show up in the Ancient Ruins to defeat Pankraz. They are easily defeated, but succeed when Ladja blackmails him with the threat of killing his son.

Years later in Knightmare Tower, the full grown hero shows up to encounter Kon when his wife is captured. Though Kon himself is nearly invincible, due to a shield surrounding him, The Hero's wife managed to disable it and allowing for his defeat.


In the Super Famicom version, Kon is the one who cursed The Hero and his wife to be trapped in stone after his defeat. The Sony PlayStation 2 & Nintendo DS Version have Ladja showing up to do the deed.

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