List of items in Dragon Quest V

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The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and be used by the Hero in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Regular Items[edit]

Image Name Price Effect
Antidotal Herb art.png
Antidotal herb 10 Removes Poison effect.
Chamois -- Polishes Knick-knacks on display.
DQV Cherub Chime.png
Cherub chime 500 Removes Confusion effect.
Chimaera Wing.png
Chimaera wing 25 Casts Zoom on use.
DQV Dieamend.png
Dieamend 300 Absorbs Whack and Thwack.
DQVIII Elfin Elixir.png
Elfin elixir -- Restores all MP to a party member.
Holy water 20 Repels weaker enemies.
King Korol's catechism 3000 G Bought from a woman in Zoomingale, it serves no purpose whatsoever, but can be sold (3000 gold coins in original, 4000 gold coins in remakes).
DQVIII Magic Water.png
Magic water 120 Restores around 10-15 MP on use.
DQIV DS Medicinal Herb.png
Medicinal herb 8 Restores around 30-40 HP on use.
DQV Monster Munchies.png
Monster munchies 200 Distracts enemies
Moonwort Bulb.png
Moonwort bulb 30 Removes Paralysis effect.
DQV Musk.png
Musk 150 Attracts enemies.
DQV Paxa Punch.png
Paxa Punch 600 Doubles Attack power.
DQVIII Prayer Ring.png
Prayer ring 2500 Restores some MP on use (may break).
Rockbomb shard 450 Casts Boom when thrown.
DQV Rebirth Stone.png
Rebirth stone -- Resurrects holder upon Death.
DQV Sages Stone.png
Sage's stone -- Restores HP to all party members (infinite uses).
Sands of time -- Resets battle to start.
Seed of life -- Augments max HP.
Seed of magic -- Augments max MP.
Seed of strength -- Augments Strength.
Seed of resilience -- Augments Resilience.
Seed of agility -- Augments Agility.
Seed of wisdom -- Augments Wisdom.
Stone from whealbrooke.jpg
Stone from Whealbrook -- ???
T'n'T ticket -- Allows one entry into a T'n'T board.
TnT Freepass.jpg
T'n'T free pass -- Allows unlimited participation in T'n'T board games
DQII Lottery Ticket.png
Tombola ticket -- Allows one entry into Tombola
DQV War Drum.png
War drum -- Increases every party member's Attack power.
Yggdrasil dew -- Heals all party members.
Yggdrasil leaf -- Revives one ally.

Important Items[edit]

These items are (usually) one of a kind and cannot be sold to merchants. For other key items, see the Knick-knack article.

Image Name Location Effect Description
Nintendo DS Version
DQV Adventurers Map.png
Adventurer's map Given by Pankraz at Littlehaven.
(Item is exclusive to the PS2 and DS remakes)
Checks world map Press the Y Button to open the map when you're outside town.
Aspersorium Mt. Zugzwang Banishes the fire barrier in the final dungeon; also used to water the Yggdrasil sapling A consecrated container filled with holy water.
Dragons Left Eye.png
Dragon's left eye Talon Tower Used to reach the vault with the Dragon Orb A jewel crafted in the shape of a dragon's left eye.
Dragons Right Eye.png
Dragon's right eye Talon Tower Used to reach the vault with the Dragon Orb A jewel crafted in the shape of a dragon's right eye.
Dragon orb.jpg
Dragon orb Talon Tower Restores power to the Zenith Dragon This awesome orb harbours the might of a powerful dragon.
DQV Faerie Horn.png
Faerie horn Faerie Lea Used to dispel the fog surrounding the Faerie Palace This instrument plays the sweet song of the faerie folk.
Flying Carpet.png
Flying Carpet Lofty Peak Use to ride on the carpet This mystical mat can carry passengers over low-lying areas.
DQV Gold Bauble.png
Gold bauble Faerie Palace Swap with Gold Orb A pretty globe that sparkles brightly.
DQV Gold Orb.png
Gold Orb Uptaten Towers Required to restore Zenithia This globe glows brilliantly with golden light.
Grappling hook.jpg
Grappling hook Zenithia - backroom Enables descent into the locked Talon Tower from the roof A very long, tough rope with a hook attached to one end.
Herald of Spring.png
Herald of Spring Defeat the Winter Queen Return it to Treacle to usher in spring A flute whose sweet sound summons springtide.
Key of Rainhat.png
Key to Coburg Coburg Castle - King Wilbur Enables access into the castle dungeon Opens certain doors that would otherwise remain tightly sealed.
Rulemoon Grass.png
Lunar Zoombloom On the world map, west of Zoomingale Used for Professor Trubble's research on the Zoom spell A peculiar plant that glows in the light of the moon.
Magic Key Lofty Peak Opens certain doors Opens certain doors that would otherwise remain tightly sealed.
Night light Whealbrook Adit - floor 3 Shifts day into nighttime A lamp that summons nightfall when lit.
DQV Pankraz Letter.png
Pankraz's letter Whealbrook Adit - Pankraz' storage Final letter from Pankraz to his son These are the last words Pankraz ever committed to paper.
Ra's Mirror Abovitall Tower Exposes the Faux dowager's identity; also can be used on shapeshifted Admirers This legendary looking glass always reflects the truth.
Royal insignia.jpg
Royal Insignia Riteof Passage Token that proves the hero is true king of Gotha The monarchic mark of the House of Gotha.
Talaria Gotha Castle - Chancellor's quarters Teleports to Northminster These strange shoes have wings attached!
The Big Book of Beasts.png
'The Big Book of Beasts' Fortuna - curiosity shop Reviews all monsters encountered An illustrated guide to monsters.
DQ Torch.png
Torch Uptaten Towers - kitchen area (check a pot) Banishes ghost in darkened areas This holy light will illuminate the darkness.
Traveler's Map (Super Famicom only)
It can be bought at nighttime for 100 gold coins at the Curiosity shop in Fortuna (same place you buy the Wagon) once you have acquired the Zoom spell.
(Item is a Super Famicom Exclusive)
Checks world map Press the Y Button to open the map when you're outside town.
Ultimate Key Defeat Bjørn the Behemoose Opens all locked doors Opens certain doors that would otherwise remain tightly sealed.
DQV Celestial Bell.png
Zenithian Tintinnabulum Zenithia Summons the Zenith Dragon The peal of this bell carries all the way to Zenithia.