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The fungeon of the fifth game is Estark's Labyrinth; the bonus dungeon in Dragon Quest V hidden in Nadiria. Full of many confusing passageways, the dungeon has bizarre, tropical plants through several of its levels. The eponymous extra boss is significantly more difficult than Grandmaster Nimzo, even with a party leveled into the high 60's. Unlike Mt. Zugzwang, players can recruit monsters here; this is the only way to obtain a Hyperanemon and Barbatos.

Enemies in the area[edit]

Stark Raving T'n'T board[edit]

In the PS2 version onwards, players will have access to Estark's personal T'n'T board after defeating him. There are several powerful pieces of equipment and items available in the 70 turn board, but the real prize is Starkers--the forgotten son of Estark. He is an immensly powerful monster, and recruiting him unlocks Rebjorn at the Pothold near Stockenbarrel as well.


Dragon Quest V (DS)
Item Location
Shimmering shield First floor
War drum First floor, poisonous pit
Hell sabre First floor, poisonous pit
Massacre sword Second floor
Metal king armour Third floor
Flail of destruction Fourth floor
Catas trophy Reward for defeating Estark in 15


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