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Helmunaptra (Telpador in fan translations) is a castle and surrounding kingdom in Dragon Quest V. It is set in the desert along the southern end of the world, and has a Egyptian theme. It is the location of the Zenithian helm, awaiting the arrival of the legendary hero. The wise Cleohatra resides there as Queen.

Shops and Services[edit]

Weapon shop[edit]

Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Somatic staff 2500g +55 attack
Morning star 3000g +45 attack
Battle axe 4000g +45 attack
Cautery sword 4400g +45 attack
Saw blade 1200g +27 attack
Steel fangs 2000g +35 attack

Armour shop[edit]

Armour shop
Item Price Attributes
Iron cuirass 1000g +23 defence
Cloak of evasion 3000g +28 defence
Silver mail 4800g +40 defence
Lacy bustier 5500g +36 defence
Magic shield 3400g +22 defence
Top hat 2000g +20 defence

Item Shop[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Holy water 20g Reduces random encounters
Moonwort bulb 30g Removes paralysis
Rockbomb shard 450g Creates a bang when thrown at enemies
Cherub chime 500g Removes confusion
Paxa Punch 600g Doubles attack
Floral parasol 1000g +8 defence


Price per person
20 Gold Coins

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

Cleohatra, Queen of Helmunaptra


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Nearby monsters[edit]


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