Circle of Water

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Circle of Water
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Japanese みずのリング
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Old localizations Water Ring, Ring of Water
Found in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Effect When equipped by the Hero's wife, reduces damage from the Sizz, Frizz (and, in the remakes, Woosh) line of spells by 10 points. When used as an item in battle, it will cast Woosh.

The Circle of Water is a special ring in Dragon Quest V.

It can also be equipped by the bride of Madason the Hero, though in the Super Famicom version it could be equipped it Bianca Whitaker before the marriage event - this was amended in the remakes.

When equipped, it reduces damage from the Sizz and Frizz line of spells by 10 points, and in the remakes, also reduces damage from the Woosh line of spells by 10. When used as an item in battle, it will cast Woosh.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Finding the Circle of Water is one of the two tasks Rodrigo Briscoletti requires before giving the Hero his daughter's hand in marriage, and it can be found in the depths of the Cataract Caves. It becomes Bianca/Nera/Debora's wedding ring after getting married, and can be used as a tool in battle to cast Woosh on opponents. Unlike the Circle of Fire before it, the ring is not guarded by a boss.

Later, it is revealed that both rings, plus the Circle of Life is one of three required to unlock the portal in the Estuary Sanctuary that leads to to Nadiria.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The Circle of Water appears as part of the limited Dragon Quest V event. After completing Chapter 3, Episode 4 of the event quests, the player can retrieve the ring for Rodrigo Briscoletti and as a reward, the player can select one of the three brides to accompany her as part of her domestic goddess training. However, it is still possible for all three brides to potentially join the player if drawn from their own individual banners.


Can also be used as a tool during battle.[1]



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