Circle of Life

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Circle of Life
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Japanese いのちのリング
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Old localizations Life Ring, Ring of Life
Found in Dragon Quest V
Effect When equipped, recovers HP for every step that character takes. Also cures 10 HP at the end of every turn in battle. When used as an item by the Hero, Madalena will speak to the player.

The Circle of Life is a accessory ring in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, being the third of the fabled rings.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

The Circle of Life is obtained after defeating King Korol in Crocodilopolis, and restores HP while strolling on the field as well as while fighting when equipped. The amount of healing varies between versions of the game, with 10 HP restored per step in the SFC original, and 1 HP per step in all other versions. The ring restores 10 HP at the end of each turn in battle in every version of the game.

It along with the Circle of Fire and the Circle of Water is required to unlock the portal in the Estuary Sanctuary that leads to to Nadiria. While it may appear that the three rings are permanently lost after this event, players can in fact go back and retrieve the rings at any time by revisiting the statues in Estuary Sanctuary. To use the rings in Nadiria, players must first visit either Precaria or Mt. Zugzwang at least once, after which they can use the Zoom spell to return via those two locations.


The Circle of Life is similar in function and design to the Recovery ring, which predated the circle's appearance by four years, and the two share very similar names in the Japanese language. The Circle of Life is the more potent accessory, however, restoring HP in battle when the latter can only heal while walking.


Restores some of the wearer's HP with each and every step.