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Knick-knacks are special items found in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, beginning with the 2004 PlayStation 2 remake. These souvenirs are found in every major village and kingdom in the game, and can be placed at the Knick-knackatory museum for display once collected. Note that while most are just collection items to place in the museum, some can be used in battle or equipped.

List of Knick-knacks[edit]

  • Words in bold are exclusive to either the Nintendo DS or the Cell phone version's Knick-knack description.
  • Some grammar/spelling inaccuracies are present in the game, thus kept as is on the article.
Image Name Location Notes Item Menu Description Item Menu Description after upgraded Museum Description Museum Description after upgraded
Annalum retentium hi res scan.png Annalum Retentium Talk to the Moosifer NPC in Precaria watermill to obtain this scroll.[1] NA An illustrated scroll of such dread that it doesn't bear looking at.[2] NA Terrible tome, never to be read. Warps the heart of men.[2] NA
Batten binnacle hi res scan.png Batten binnacle It is found in Battenburg, if you speak to an old woman after a child near Gotha Pass mentions losing his binnacle.[1] Can be used to cast Storeyteller on the field. A miraculous compass that can pinpoint its bearer's current location.[3]
A miraculous compass that can pinpoint its bearer's location.[4]
NA Strange breed of compass made by Battenburg craftsman. Fine travel companion. NA
Blooming branch hi res scan.png Blooming branch It is given as a gift from Honey after helping retrieve the Herald of Spring, and is placed in a vase by Sancho. If the player did not retrieve it before leaving with Pankraz, it can be found in the cellar in the ruins of Whealbrook.[1] NA This beautiful blossoming bough was a present from Honey the faerie.[2]
This beautiful bough was a present from Honey the faerie.[3]
NA Received in Faerie Lea. Very unusual blossom.[2] NA
Catas Trophy digital scan.png Catas Trophy Post-Game: Defeat Estark in 15 turns or less to obtain this ultimate prize.[1] If used, it gives the inscription 'For Beating the Most Barbaric of Bosses'. A prize from a mystery boss monster.[1] NA Prize awarded to adventurers for overcoming great perils. Harbours dark forces.[2] NA
Chocolate medalliyum hi res scan.png Chocolate medalliyum Buy in Dominicus' Dominion for 480 gold coins.[1] Can be sold for 240 Gold Coins. A sweet speciality of King Dominicus.[2] NA Bitter-sweet-flavoured confectionary.[2] NA
Crown of Uptaten hi res scan.png Crown of Uptaten Polish Toff's tea set with the chamois, then show it to the ghost of Count Uptaten.[1] Can be worn as a helmet with a defence bonus of +30. A superb crown with countless embellishments.[2] NA Legendary crown, for generations a tenant of Uptaten Towers. Only ever tendered to tender-hearted folk.[3]
Legendary crown, for generations the pride of Uptaten Towers. Only ever tendered to the tender-hearted folk.[4]
Crude image hi res scan.png Crude image It is a simple figurine crafted by the nuns of Heaven's Above Abbey; one is given to the Hero as a good luck charm.[1] Can be equipped to increase Luck by 15 A simply crafted figurine of the serene Goddess.[2] NA Wooden statuette of the Goddess carved by nun of the Above.[2] NA
Desert rose hi res scan.png Desert rose Check desert south of Helmunaptra in the morning after staying at the Inn.[1] One is needed to trade for scintillating sinter in Stockenbarrel. A sandy bloom that blossoms in the desert.[2] NA Stone from Helmunaptran desert in shape of rose. Popular trinket among travellers.[2] NA
Faerie quill hi res scan.png Faerie quill Post-game, requires visit to Faerie Palace and then Faerie Lea (See below for details).[1] NA A beautiful pen with a most delicate touch.[2] NA NA
Forget-me-Knot flag hi res scan.png Forget-me-Knot flag Stay at Knot Welcome Inne with a full party for this promotional item.[1] NA A pennant for tenants of the Knot Welcome Inne.[2] NA Knot Welcome Inne's attempt to educate travellers about the 'K' in the name. Quite big and bulky.[2] NA
Ghoulroarer hi res scan.png Ghoulroarer This strange musical instrument is found in one of the chambers within Mt. Zugzwang.[1] A noise can be heard upon using it. A musical instrument for monsters![2] NA Cursed instrument that makes sound like monsters howling. Not to be swung around under any circumstances.[3]
Cursed instrument that makes sound like monsters howling. Not to be played under any circumstances.[4]
Honey buns hi res scan.png Honey buns Received after the wedding.[1] NA These sticky buns are a sweet reminder of The Hero and his wife's wedding day.[3]
A reminder of The Hero and his wife's wedding.[4]
NA Proud product of Mostroferrato, full of sweet, sticky jam. Decorated with images of The Hero and his wife.[3]
Made in Mostroferrato, full of sweet, sticky jam. Decorated with images of The Hero & his wife.[4]
Lofty Lilts set hi res scan.png 'Lofty Lilts' This book of psalms was one in possession of Madalena. At Lofty Peak, a woman in Mada's old residence will bestow this book as a gift.[1] NA A fine folio of rousing hymns.[2] NA Collection of hymns. Exquisite Lofty Peak needlework on cover.[2] NA
Madalena's locket hi res scan.png Madalena's locket Given by Sancho at the start of generation 3 in Gotha, can be upgraded in post-game (See below for details).[1] NA This locket was inherited from Pankraz.[3] This locket with a picture of Mada inside is a treasured memento.[2] Pankraz's memento of Mada, passed on by Sancho. Nothing inside.[2]
Pankraz’s memento of Mada, passed on by Sancho. Kind, smiling face pictured inside. (After upgrading the locket)
Marital organ hi res scan.png Marital organ This rather embarrassing gift is received from Prince Harry upon visiting him after he marries Maria (By the time the Zoom spell is obtain). According to staff at Castle Coburg, they wanted to place a jewel in the music box, but were unable to get ahold of the craftsman from Gotha. See the Whealbrook sapphire section below for more detail on improving Organ.[1] Makes music if examine on a pedestal. A music box made to commemorate Harry and Maria's wedding.[3]
Music box made to commemorate Harry and Maria's wedding.[4]
A splendid music box with an insert jewel.[2] Received to mark the occasion of Harry's wedding. Slightly...embarrassing.[1] Received to mark the occasion of Harry's wedding. Gleaming inset Whealbrook Sapphire.[3]
Received to mark the occasion of Harry's wedding. Inset with a gleaming Whealbrook sapphire. [4]
Maxi medal hi res scan.png Maxi medal Dominicus' Dominion.[1] Can be equipped as a shield with a defence bonus of +40. An enormous medal.[2] NA Abandoned by King Dominicus, but actually maximally rare.[2] NA
Monster chess set hi res scan.png Monster chess set It is all the rage among Castle Gotha guards, and has distracted them from their duties. Speak with Thruppence in gen 2 at Patty's bar. If missed, speak with Tuppence when he is not in the party.[1] NA Masterfully crafted pieces make up this savage set.[2] NA Beautiful set of chess pieces made by master craftsman in Gotha. Something not quite right about them, though...[3] NA
Scintillating sinter hi res scan.png Scintillating sinter Trade a desert rose to the man in the well in Stockenbarrel.[1] NA Balmy bath salts from Stockenbarrel.[2] NA Bath salts from Stockenbarrel spa. Instantly relieve tension and stress.[3]
Bath salts from Stockenbarrel spa. They instantly relieve tension and stress.[4]
Scuttlebutt Alledger hi res scan.png Scuttlebutt Alledger This racy tabloid can be found on the counter at the Inn in Scuttlebutt settlement.[1] NA Barely a drop of juicy gossip misses the pages of the Alledger.[2] NA Just a gossip-ridden tabloid. Surely not worthy of exhibiting in a museum.[3]
Just a gossip-ridden tabloid. Surely not worthy of being exhibited in a museum.[4]
Ship in a bottle hi res scan.png Ship in a bottle Buy in Lodestar Harbour at the shipyard for 1,000 Gold Coin (after wedding).[1] Can be sold for 500 Gold Coins. The ship inside is intricately constructed...but how did it get in there?[3]
The ship inside is intricately made...but how did it get in there?[4]
NA Souvenir from Lodestar Harbour. Extremely skilfully made, but too easy to come by.[2] NA
Slime curio hi res scan.png Slime curio Buy from Fortuna Curiosity Shop for 5,000 Gold Coins.[1] Can be equipped by slime companions. It has the Defence bonus of +50 and can restore 10~15 HP per turn. A special something from Fortuna, full of the town's get-up-and-go pizzazz.[3]
A special something from Fortuna, full of the town's get-up-and-go.[4]
NA Strange drapery from Old Curiosity Shop in Fortuna. Sublime Slime design.[2] NA
Terrorcrow hi res scan.png Terrorcrow After getting Saber, talk to the farmer in Hay and he'll realize he doesn't need the scarecrow anymore, letting the Hero have it.[1] Can cause an enemy to miss a turn due to fear. Even monsters would likely jump at the sight of this scary thing![2] NA Unusual type of scarecrow. Even monsters are afraid of it. Guardian of Hay.[2] NA
Toff's tea set hi res.png Toff's tea set Get all three silver pieces in Uptaten Towers (see List of Knick-knacks Components below). Polish the set with the Chamois at the Knick-knackatory during the night to upgrade it.[1] Trade to the King of Uptaten to obtain the crown. A rather tired-looking antique tea set.[2] A rejuvenated tea set that gleams proudly.[2] Tea set from Uptaten Tower with considerable history. Seen better days.[2] Tea set from Uptaten Tower with considerable history. Well polished and in good repair.[3]
Returned to it's rightful owner, Count Uptaten. Crown of Uptaten received as thanks.[5]
Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell hi res scan.png Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell It is obtained from the researcher at Northminster abbey, during 3rd generation only. It is assumed it was made from the remains of a Eyevory tusk-tusk, hence the name.[1] NA This inkwell is full of ink taken from the tusk of an eyevory tusk-tusk.[3]
An inkwell full of ink taken from the tusk of an eyevory tusk-tusk.[4]
NA Mysterious ink mellowed in eyevory tusk-tusk. Never fades.[2] NA
Whealbrook sapphire hi res scan.png Whealbrook sapphire Trade the Whealbrook bluestone to the craftsman in Lofty Peak, then stay the night at the Inn.[1] Place within the Martial Organ while it's on a pedestal. A truly splendid, gleaming gemstone![2] NA Beautiful gemstone extracted from Whealbrook bluestone.[2] NA
Yggdrasil sapling set hi res scan.png Yggdrasil sapling Given by tenders at Zenithia (once it's airbourne).[1] Can be watered using aspersorium to receive leaves. A young shoot that waves proudly in the breeze.[2] A verdant young plant, bursting with life.[2] Fragile-looking shoot of the Great World Tree. Looks thirsty.[2] Vibrant and healthy-looking sapling of the Great World Tree. Sheds one leaf a day.[2]
Zizzwizz pillow hi res scan.png Zizzwizz Pillow Sleep at Roundbeck inn at least twice after first timeskip.[1]
Speak to one of the NPC's after choosing a form for Reaper's Peak.[6]
Casts Snooze if used a tool during battle. This pillow's so fluffy, even monsters start to yawn when they see it.[1]
This pillow's so fluffy even monsters yawn when they see it.[2]
A pillow so soft it can send even the most foul-tempered fiend off to sleep.[6]
NA The proud product of Roundbeck. Unusual grapey smell and extremely fluffy, but makes pretty poor knick-knack.[3]
The pride of Roundbeck. Strange grapey smell and extremely fluffy. But a pretty poor knick-knack.[4]
Zoomshine hi res scan.png Zoomshine Speak with old man in Zoomingale church and respond with "no", return at night, speak with man by the jar inside church, then speak with Professor Trubbles.[1] NA This is the famous brew dubbed 'Life is but a Drink'![2] NA One for joy, two for sorrow. Famous spirit from Zoomingale, with slogan of 'Life is but a Drink'.[2] NA

List of Knick-knacks relevant items[edit]

Image Name Location Notes Description
Chamois It is given by Old Man Nick Knack to polish knick-knacks on display.[1] Used to polish Toff's Tea Set There's no better way to polish all those important items than with this.[3]
There's no better way to polish all those important items.[4]
Stone from whealbrooke.jpg
Stone from Whealbrook The Hero finds it in the well outside his house.[1] Show to a farmer in Whealbrook to find out how to get the Whealbrook Bluestone.[2] It's just a bit of rock found in Whealbrook, really.[2]

List of Knick-knacks components[edit]

Image Name Location Notes Description
Silver teacup.jpg
Silver teacup Right treasure chest in storage cellar at Uptaten Towers.[1] Part of Toff's Tea Set. An old cup and saucer set.
Silver teapot.jpg
Silver teapot Left treasure chest reached by falling through hole in darkened room at Uptaten Towers.[1] Part of Toff's Tea Set. An antiquated and somewhat dull silver teapot.[2]
Silver teatray.jpg
Silver tea tray Master bedroom at Uptaten Towers.[1] Part of Toff's Tea Set. An ancient-looking tray with some intricate engraving.[2]
Whealbrook Bluestone.png
Whealbrook Bluestone Examine the rock in Whealbrook Adit.[1] Give to the craftsman in Lofty Peak and stay at the Inn. There are visible patches of sparkling gemstone in this rock.[2]

Obtaining the Faerie quill[edit]

Warning: Spoilers!
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First, visit the Faerie palace on the lake and examine the painting on the second floor. The player will be transported to Lofty Peak, where they will meet a younger Pankraz who wishes to have a portrait of Madalena place into a locket]. After speaking with him and his artisan Remembrant, the player will be informed about the Faerie Quill and Ivory Tusk-Tusk Inkwell. Leave the painting and return to Faerie Lea after this, and speak with the little faerie in the library. After letting Remembrant do his magic, the quill will be returned to the player.

Upgrading the locket[edit]

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Return to the Faerie Palace and examine the painting on the second floor. After being transported to the past, at the base of Lofty Peak, the player can speak with a younger Pankraz. He will be in dismay that his artist, Remembrant, does not have the adequate supplies to complete his portrait of Madalena. The tools that he needs are the Faerie Quill (from the library in Faerie Lea) and the Tusk-tusk tusk inkwell. Once these are presented to him, Remembrant can complete his painting and alter the locket in the present time.