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Dragon Quest series character
Pankraz Gotha
Dragon Quest V
DQV DS Pankraz.png
Sprite Papas.gif
Japanese Name パパス
Rōmaji Papasu
Title Father
Race Human
Voice Actor Akira Kamiya (CD Theater)

Pankraz Gotha (Papas in the original Japanese) is a character from Dragon Quest V. He is a somewhat rough-looking man who is the father of the Hero.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Pankraz has the looks of a well-worn traveler and could likely be passed off as a toned down barbarian given his frizzy hair, fang necklace, leather kilt, and a partial breastplate that reveals some of his upper-body musculature. His personality is far from barbaric, however; Pankraz is a righteous and strong-willed sort, often willing to lend a hand and remaining conscious of those who may expose themselves to peril. He can be stern at times with his son but is nevertheless a protective parent, always healing the Hero's HP if it ever drops even the slightest from a single battle.


Pankraz sets out with the Hero on a long journey, only Pankraz knows fully why. The only information Hero is given is that they are looking for something. He leads you through the early stages of the game, before he is forced to leave you in a dreadful way. However, he leaves a letter behind.


While only available as a party member for a short time, and in small intervals at that, Pankraz is an incredibly powerful individual at the start of the game, out-leveling essentially every monster the player first encounters. He primarily attacks, having a 25% rate of scoring critical hits, but can also use healing magic and will always heal the Hero to full health if even a smidgen of his HP is lost in a battle. One of Pankraz' most notable skills, and one not given to any other party member or monster in the game, is his ability to occasionally act twice per round.

Attribute Stats
Level 27
HP 410
MP 65
Strength 117
Agility 35
Resilience 79
Wisdom 95
Luck 92
Initial gear Pankraz's sword, Fur loincloth
  • Pankraz is immune to all status ailments but Sap. He also has a 20% resistance to all elements.

Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Heal --
Midheal --


In Japanese, his full name is given as デュムパポス=エル=ケル=グランバニア or Dhumespapos El Kel Granvania. Granvania is the Japanese name for Gotha.