Crispin Burns

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(For the resident of Hubble in Dragon Quest VII, see Crispin.)
Crispin Burns
Dragon Quest V
Crispin Burns.png
Japanese name アンディ
Romaji Andi
Race Human
Age Assumed 17 to 19 years old (generation 2)
Assumed 27 to 29 (generation 3)

Crispin Burns (Known formerly as Andy in fan translations) is a character from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.


Crispin Burns is a resident of the town, Mostroferrato. He is childhood friend of Nera Briscoletti and has long since wanted to marry her out of love.

Upon The Hero and party's first arrival to Mostroferrato, he lives with his grandparents. The two meet at the Briscoletti residence to learn that Rodrigo Briscoletti is offering Nera's hand in marriage to whomever can retrieve both the Circle of Fire and Water. Though the Zenithian shield is also promised to the winner, Crispin cares only for the opportunity to wed Nera.

He is unable to go far due to suffering burns and a fever, as well as The Hero retrieving the Circle of Fire, though Nera chooses to help him recover.

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If The Hero marries Nera, then Crispin will resolve to try harder to become a better man, and is married to a dancer named Ashlee in Generation III.

If the Hero chooses not to marry Nera, she and Crispin will marry not long after, during the timeskip between Generation 2 and 3. They will be found living in the Briscolettis' second home south of the mansion.