Tunnel south of Zoomingale

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The Tunnel south of Zoomingale[1] is a cave south of the towns Zoomingale and Scuttlebutt, and north of Mostroferrato in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.


Warning: Spoilers!
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The Hero, upon his first arrival to the tunnel is approached by a soldier informing him of the wedding of Prince Harry and Maria, prompting him to congratulate the couple at Coburg.

Afterwards, he returns to the tunnel to travel to Mostroferrato.



Note: Enemies marked with a single asterisk (*) can be recruited in all versions of the game. Monsters marked with two asterisks (**) can only be recruited in the remakes of Dragon Quest V.


In the Japanese versions of Dragon Quest V, there are actually two seperate names for this cave depending on the version. In the original, it was called the "Cave to Sarabona" (AKA Mostroferrato) (SFC), but in the remakes this was changed to "Cave South of Rurafen" (AKA Zoomingale). The name change was possibly done to avoid spoiling the name of the yet unexplored Sarabona/Mostroferrato.

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  1. Name given by the spell, Storeyteller in the Nintendo DS and Cell phone version of Dragon Quest V.