Auction Site

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The Auction Site[1] is a temporary location of business in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

It is north of the Mantleplace, and is only reachable by ship due to being blocked by mountains.


After being turned into statues by Bishop Ladja (Kon the Knight in the Super Famicom version) in Knightmare Towers, the Hero and his wife are brought to the Auction Site by a couple of people hoping to profit.

An auction is held until a Mr. Porgie pays the highest price for the Hero and is delivered to his home, while his wife is saved for elsewhere.


  • The location originally was shown only through the story segment in the Super Famicom version while the remakes implement it as a vistable location. The scene in the original, was only a unspecified grassy area without a structure.
  • The music for the story scene was the same one used in the game's shrines in the SFC and PlayStation 2 version. The music for the Nintendo DS and Cell phone version is the same as the ruined Whealbrook.

Other languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolSubasta
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisSalle des ventes
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschAuktionsstätte
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoCasa d'aste



  1. Name given by the spell, Storeyteller in the Nintendo DS and Cell phone version of Dragon Quest V.