The Pothold

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The Pothold is an important location in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

It's located to the northwest of Mostroferrato and the watchtower La Guardia, and to the west of Stockenbarrel. The building can't be entered until players have acquired the Magic Key.


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Having no means of killing Bjørn the Behemoose, Rudolph Briscoletti created The Pothold with the intent of sealing away the oversized demon. The blue light emanating from the jar within indicated his efforts to be a success, though as Rudolph suspected it wouldn't hold him forever.

Years later, his ancestor Rodrigo Briscoletti continued keeping an eye on The Pothold. Additionally, if The Hero marries either of his daughters, Nera or Debora, he is asked by Rodrigo to check on the jar with his wife. Upon checking it out, there remains a blue glow.

A 8/10 years later, a merchant traveling to Mostroferrato discovers an eerie red glow coming from The Pothold. Upon mentioning it at town Rodrigo is panic stricken and asks the recently revived Hero and his party to check it out. They do so with the result being the same, with Bjørn shortly breaking free afterwards.

Despite his might, The Hero and party successfully defeat him in battle, resulting in him returning to the jar

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