Adventurer's map

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Adventurer's Map
DQV Adventurers Map.png
Japanese ふしぎなちず
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Old localizations World Map (VII PS1)
Found in Dragon Quest III (remakes only)
Dragon Quest V (SFC & DS only)
Dragon Quest VI (SFC only)
Dragon Quest VII (PSX only)
Effect Press the Y, R or square button to view the world map.

The Adventurer's Map is an item which first appeared in the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, where it served as the map for the Lower World.

This item was removed from the remakes of VI and VII, presumably because in those versions the player is able to view the map at any time from the beginning of the game.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Adventurer's map is found in a treasure chest in the Path of Promise in the remake of the game and its subsequent ports. It is the map used for most of the game, but once the player enters Alefgard, the Faerie Map (ようせいのちず) must be used instead.

The chest Adventurer's map also contains a message engraved at the bottom that can be read one time. This applies to the remakes only.


"To those leaving Aliahan... Take this map. SELECT to see it. SELECT it again to remove icons. May you find glory always!"

—Engraving (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation) (GBC)

"'Dear travler from Aliahan, plees help yorself to this heer mappe. 'To tayk a look at it, you need doo no mour than tappe the 'Map' butonne. And a nuther tappe will giv yoo a closer looke! 'May yor jurnee be bleste with suksess!'"

—Engraving (Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation) (Mobile)

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

The Adventurer's map is given to the player by Pankraz at the start of the game, opening the world map by pressing either the square button (PS2) or the Y button (DS).

This item replaced the Traveler's Map (たびびとのちず) that appeared in the Super Famicom version. The Traveler's Map could be bought at nighttime at the curiosity shop in Fortuna for 100 gold coins, which is the same place where the Wagon is bought, once the Hero has learned the Zoom spell. The map screen can be accessed by pressing the X button when using transportation such as the Magic carpet - otherwise it mus be manually accessed from the menu.

The Cell phone port starts off with the Hero having a map and as such, the brief moment of getting it from Pankraz is omitted.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

The Adventurer's Map only appears as a proper item in the Super Famicom version, where it can be found on the floor in B1F of the Lower World's Alltrades Abbey.

This item is not to be confused with the World Map せかいのちず, which is the map for the Upper World) in the Super Famicom version. The "world map" could be bought from a merchant for either 3000 gold coins or 200 gold coin through bartering in Haggleton, and like the Adventurer's map is available from the start in all modern versions.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Only appears in the PlayStation version, where it was localized as "World Map". It could be found in the Shrine of Mysteries. Once acquired, the player can access the map on the overworld by pressing the square button. As with the DS versions of the Zenithia trilogy, this item is available from the start in the 3DS remake of VII.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Referred to as a World Map despite Square Enix localizing the game, this is given to the Hero and party by Marcello as a peace offering due to unjustly imprisoning them at the Maella Abbey.

As with the Dungeon Maps, this is available from the start of the game in the remakes, resulting in the scene above being omitted.


Press the Y Button to open the map when you're outside town.[1]
Show world map.[2]
A highly detailed map of the world.[3]