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"The Lord High Priest, our Kings, our Goddess! All of them reign over us from their high exalted thrones! Each one as useless as the next!"

Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VIII
DQVIII Marcello.png
Japanese Name マルチェロ
Rōmaji Maruchero
Title Lord High Priest, High Priest, Commander, Abbot, Captain
Class Knight
Race Human
Age 29
Family Angelo (paternal half-brother)
Voice Actor Josh Cohen (English)
Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)

Marcello (マルチェロ, Maruchero) is the half-brother of Angelo and a major antagonist in Dragon Quest VIII. In the English versions, he is voiced by Josh Cohen.


Marcello is a man with imposing physical features, possessing green eyes, an aquiline nose, and a stern demeanor. His features are similar to his half-brother's, but are much colder and harsher. His shoulder-length black hair is slicked back and he has a widow's peak, along with long, but neatly trimmed sideburns. Marcello wears the uniform of a Templar captain. This consists of a blue long-sleeved tailcoat with red inner lining, white trim, gold stitching on the front, and long square tails that reach down to his ankles, as well a blue capelet with red inner lining and white trim that covers his shoulders and upper arms. He also wears blue trousers tucked into tall leather boots that go over his knee, black leather gloves, and a gold ring worn around a chain on his neck. Around his waist is a leather sword-belt, holding a red scabbard where he keeps his rapier on his left side.

After his ascension to Lord High Priest, Marcello's outfit changes slightly, becoming more ornate as befits his new station. He has added a tippet around his neck, a type of long ceremonial scarf worn by clergy, which is red and is adorned with gold lining and various magical runes. His tailcoat and capelet now have gold lining, and his capelet has a border around the bottom inscribed with runes like his tippet.



Marcello was the son of a wealthy, but cruel man and one of his maids. His father found that his wife would not bear a child and so had Marcello with his maid. While Marcello was still a boy, his father did manage to have a son with his wife, naming him Angelo. Marcello and his mother were thrown out of the house with nowhere to go and nothing to their names.

Not much later his mother died, leaving him alone. Fortunately for Marcello, a leader of a group of monks at Maella Abbey, Abbot Francisco, took him in and offered for him to be a Templar Knight, his own guard. Marcello studied and trained hard for years at the Abbey and became the top young student. He later learned that his father and his household had died of a plague, all except Angelo. A few days later as Marcello was walking through the Abbey, he met a small boy who had just arrived. He talked kindly to the boy until he learned the boy's name. Angelo. Marcello, angered that the boy who had caused him to be thrown out of his home had been welcomed into the Abbey, walked away angrily as the Abbot appeared.

Marcello only grew to hate Angelo more as his half-brother took no care in his studies as he grew and only began to become a gambler and ladies' man, sneaking to the nearby town of Simpleton whenever he pleased. His hatred for Angelo only increased his bitterness and several sinister ambitions from deep down within him. Despite this, Marcello still became the Captain of the Templars and was still under the watchful eye of Abbot Francisco.

The Jester, the Travelers, and the Monster[edit]

Marcello spent a few years as the Templar Captain watching Angelo and being under the watch of Abbot Francisco. The abbey is soon visited by a jester, Dhoulmagus with an eerie aura. The jester did stay for long, leaving before night had even come. After this visit, Marcello tightened the guard so strangers would have limited access to the Abbey. A few days later, a group of travelers came to the Abbey. An ex-bandit named Yangus, a aristocrat girl named Jessica, and the Hero. Two Templars guarding the door that led to to the sleeping quarters threaten them to leave when Marcello intervenes from a large window just above them. He reprimanded the guards for being rude and sullying the reputation of the Templars.

The guards kneel and apologize to Marcello. Marcello, in turn, apologizes for his guards' behavior saying they have had a problem with strangers as of late, but also saying that that was none of their matters. He asked them to leave and warned them that his men were ill at ease and might not be able to stop them again. The party then left and headed to Simpleton, meeting Angelo while they were there.

When Angelo returns from Simpleton, having gotten into a bar fight for cheating at poker, Marcello took him down to the Interrogation Room to lecture him. Marcello asked him how much more shame he intended to bring to the Abbey and saying he was like a curse, and that if he hadn't been born it would have spared everyone a lot of misery. After he was done insulting him, Marcello sentenced him to a term of penitence stripping him of his right to leave the Abbey, and threatened to expel him from the Order if he crossed him again. Ending the conversation, Marcello sent him back to the quarters.

Meanwhile, the party of travelers had heard the whole conversation and were later asked by Angelo to take a secret passage through the Ruined Abbey to check if the Abbot was alright. Angelo stated that he felt a sinister presence in the air. So the party did and came up under a trapdoor gravestone behind the Abbot's residence. They enter the building to see many unconscious guards and go to the Abbot's room where he is sleeping. Dhoulmagus was there, but he disappeared when he saw them.

Marcello and the Templars arrive to encounter the party and a confused Abbot. Marcello knelt next to the Abbot's bed as Francisco asked him what was going on. Marcello told him that there had been a breech of security and that some of the guards had been seriously wounded. Marcello said that he had come immediately fearing that he was in trouble, and caught the party. The Abbot protested stating that they were no criminals. Marcello argued that they were caught red-handed, but Francisco simply told him to look into their eyes and see that that were guilty of nothing. Marcello finally consented, but said that they must find out what they were lurking in his residence for so late at night. the Abbot told Marcello that he could question them, and Marcello thanked him.

Marcello was still not convinced, however, that they were not the attackers. He took them down to the Interrogation Room, which was connected to the Torture Room. In the room, the party insisted they had done nothing wrong, telling him that Angelo had told them to check up on the Abbot. Marcello told them that he was not as forgiving as the Abbot and would let them off the hook without any evidence. Angelo then entered the room, being called upon by Marcello. Marcello asked him if he had permitted them inside the Abbey, presenting Angelo's ring which he had found with the party. Unexpectedly, Angelo chuckled, taking the ring and stating, relieved, that it had finally turned up. He told Marcello that someone had stolen it from him at the pub, and that they were finally going to learn that crime doesn't pay. Angelo then left, saying that he could be found in his chambers. Marcello tried to stop him, but Angelo didn't listen. Marcello, saying that he would deal with him later, turned his attention back to the party.

Angered that so much of his time had been wasted, Marcello told the party to confess. Once again they claimed they didn't do anything. Then another Templar appeared, with a little green monster in his possession, King Trode. The monster then turned to the party calling their names and asking them what they were doing there. Marcello laughed, picking up Trode by the cloak, and berated the party for being friends with a monster. He presented his theory that the monster had ordered them to kill the Abbot so people would question their faith and send them into a confusion. Then they would move in and take control.

He then ordered the Templars to take them into a cell, so that he could torture them in the morning.

The Funeral[edit]

However, with the help of Angelo, the party escaped and left the Abbey through a secret passageway in the Torture Room. That was least of Marcello's worries, as the jester returned, wreaking even more havoc then he had before. Dhoulmagus forced his way to the Abbot's residence pursued by Marcello and the Templars. The jester set fire to the bridge leading to the Abbot's residence slowing down the pursuit, but Marcello and a few more Templars got through in time. Meanwhile, Angelo and the party saw the bridge burning from nearby and rushed to the Abbey to help. They crossed the bridge just before it collapsed.

Up in the Abbot's chambers, Marcello, his Templars already down, stood between Dhoulmagus and the Abbot. He was no match for Dhoulmagus and was thrown against the wall with a wave of the sceptre the jester wielded. Angelo arrived by Marcello's side as the Templar Captain gritted his teeth in pain. Marcello ordered Angelo to get the Abbot to safety, just as Dhoulmagus waved his sceptre again, throwing the two across the room. The Abbot tried to calm Marcello's worries saying he has given himself to the Goddess, and his life was in her hands. Dhoulmagus drifted closer to Francisco preparing to kill him when suddenly Trode burst into the room. Dhoulmagus stopped and mock-bowed to Trode, making fun of him. Trode demanded him to turn him and his daughter, Medea, to normal. Dhoulmagus simply rose the sceptre and threw it at Trode. Trode was saved however as Abbot Francisco dove in the way being stabbed clean through by the scepter. Dhoulmagus levitated the sceptre back to his hand as Abbot Francisco collapsed. Dhoulmagus mocked them once more then retreated, flying through the window, his laugh echoing as he disappeared.

The Abbot's funeral was held the same night, the rain making everything even more gloomy. Marcello, who had managed to escape injury except for a slightly bandaged head, explained to everyone what had happened the night before, and cleared the party of any suspicion. And thus, Marcello became the new Abbot.


In the morning, Marcello summoned Angelo, Trode, and the party to his quarters. Marcello apologized to the party for doubting their innocence, King Trode having explained the entire situation they were in. Dhoulmagus stealing the sceptre, cursing the king and princess, and turning Trodain into ruins. Since he could not leave the Abbey himself, being the new Abbot and being very busy, Marcello asked the party if they would allow Angelo to aid them on their quest. Marcello told Angelo that he was the only Templar who did not have any duties to fulfill being the only one with an open schedule. Angelo claimed that there was no need to beat around the bush that he was simply useless. Angelo and the party still agreed, however, and Marcello gave them a map of the world considering it a peace offering (the scene is omitted on the 3DS Version as the party starts with a world map), and wished them well on their journey. Additionally, Marcello knew about the existence of the Moonshadow harp due to reading a book donated to the Abbey by Ascantha.[1]

Marcello assumes control after the Lord High Priest falls during an attack by the Rhapthorne possessed dog, and eventually destroys the Holy Shrine at Neos after previously maintaining control of the sceptre. However, he loses control after a battle with the party, allowing Rhapthorne to complete his resurrection and destroying the isle. He is found by Angelo grasping to the side of a precipice above the deep crater from which Rhapthorne has just risen. Resigned to die, Angelo saves Marcello nonetheless. In so doing, he says, "No, I won't let you die. You will go on living, knowing that the brother you despised your whole life took pity on you."

Debt Repaid[edit]

(The following scenario was added to the Nintendo 3DS Version of the game.)

Warning: Spoilers
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Not too long afterwards, Jessica receives a vision, prompting her and The Party to return to the Dragon Graveyard. They do so and find another projection message from the Ancient Seven Sage Golding involving Rhapthorne's ultimate servant Juggerwroth. The party returns to the Wild Lands to find his lair, unaware that they were followed since the desert by an injured Marcello.[2]

The Hero and Party encounter and apparently defeated Juggerwroth, only to find that he was toying with them and sets up a spell to crush them with their own weight until Marcello launches a surprise attack. Though Juggerwroth powers up to his full extent, he finds that Marcello and The Party overwhelming and is defeated for good.

Marcello takes his leave claiming that he only aided them to repay his debt towards Angelo who thanks his older brother, prompting the former to smile briefly.


Angelo's half-brother. Attempted to harness Rhapthorne's power, but ended up being enslaved by it.

Original (PS2)
Sprite HP MP Experience Gold Attack Defense Agility
DQVIII PS2 Marcello.png 3120 255 11200 0 320 178 108
Bestiary No. 278
Family ???
In-Game Description
Spell(s) Kafrizzle
Skill(s) Attacks twice per turn
Disruptive Wave
Prays to the heavens
Wind Sickles
Location(s) Neos
Item(s) Dropped None
Evasion Attack Resistance Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Fire Breath
Bang Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Crack Resistance *
116 ? 50% 50% 50% 25% 0% 50%
Ice breath
Stone/Strike Resistance * Zap Resistance * Troop Resistance * Death Resistance * Poison Resistance * Paralysis Resistance * Shock Resistance *
50% 0% 0% 0% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Sleep * Confusion * Dazzle Resistance Fizzle Resistance Dance Sealing Resistance Sap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
100% 100% 100% 100% 15% 100% 100%
Remake (3DS, Mobile)
Sprite Notable Changes
Casts Thwack



  1. Mentioned by him if you talk to him while looking for the harp.
  2. After Juggerwroth's defeat, Medea mentions in a dream that she caught Marcello keeling over in pain several times while following them to the Wild Lands, suspecting that his injuries from Neos didn't heal.