Kim Myra

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Kim Myra (メッキー, Mekkī) is an infamous monster that appears exclusively in the 3DS Version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. She can form the team Avian Attackers with any two monsters of the Bird family.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Hero's Level
HP 108 732
MP 6 24
Attack 52 298
Agility 46 332
Defence 46 322
Exp 164
Gold 48
Bonus turn contribution 1.1
Abilities Flame Breath


The Flappacinno (無限の飛翔, Mugen no hishō) can be found southwest of Arcadia near a lake at any time.


In the original Japanese version of the game, Kim Myra's name is Mekkī, which has been used as the name of a recruitable Chimaera companion in the Super Famicom Versions of Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI.

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