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Smiles is an infamous monster available in Dragon Quest VIII. Being one of the three normal Slime recruits, he is a component of Ultrus along with the rest of The Slime Squad.

Smiles, along with Lonely Joe and Squiggles need to be recruited after receiving Morrie's Memos. He is also able to form the Slime Power! and Slime Time monster teams.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Hero's Level 22 70
HP 39 197
MP 0 0
Attack 21 270
Agility 60 242
Defence 51 175
Exp 40
Gold 1
Bonus turn contribution 0.5
Abilities None


Slimy Smiley (エース・スライム, Ēsu suraimu) can be found in the Kingdom of Trodain at any time.


In the Japanese version, Smiles is named Slarin (スラリン, Surarin). Slarin has appeared as the name of a recruitable Slime many times throughout the series starting with Dragon Quest V.


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